"Thank you for such a beautiful session. I did feel reborn and regenerated after your treatment. You emanate calm energy and have wonderful healing hands.

After the third treatment, my energy feels more balanced, my back problem is under control and my body has felt generally less tense.

I am so grateful!"

- Iris

"Claudia has a wonderful and soothing energy. Her Shiatsu is much more than a massage. It is a holistic full body treatment which includes deep energy healing as well as gentle bodywork. I felt very safely held and sensitively treated, and came out feeling very relaxed"

- Fran

"Claudia is very intuitive; her gentle but precise touch always finds exactly where my pain is! She is kind and very attuned with the body. Her treatments have a profound effect that last for days. It's a really nourishing experience. I wish I could do it more often"

- Martin

"Has been essencial to have regular Shiatsu sessions with you. Helping me to cope in so many levels.  Your precise touch of pressure points helped me to relax deeply. The tension especially in my neck, cleared, and I felt lightness in arms and legs. You understand the needs of body and mind. Thank you"

- Jiska

Other live reviews posted on google, read more or post yours here

Very relaxing, nurturing experience with Claudia. I went to see Claudia to ease a build up of tension in the whole of my body due to long term stress as a carer. My body was already starting to feel normal again after the first session. I feel more relaxed, my hands and feet are less tense and my tension headache has gone. Continuing with regular sessions. Intuitive, effective shiatsu in a lovely environment.


Lee Anne

I felt a sense of harmony as soon as I entered Claudia’s treatment room - a beautiful oasis in the centre of Brighton. Claudia has extensive experience in the healing arts, and combines her professionalism with such warmth, openness and sensitivity. Her intuitive awareness and lightness of touch made me feel safe and supported throughout the session, and the stresses in my life just melted away! I left feeling relaxed and grounded, and at peace with the world. Highly recommended.


Claudia has a beautiful and calm energy, and that is how she makes you feel as soon as you meet her. Her healing hands and experienced touch in her treatments drives you through an inner journey...She pays attention on what you need and adapts the treatment for you. After her sessions I feel more grounded, relaxed and balance, which means less tension in my body and feeling lighter in my head. Shiatsu doesn't seem to be very popular in Brighton, but I highly recommend to try it, as it is an unique experience with lots of benefits, specially if Claudia is your therapist.



I do Shiatsu with Claudia for many years. I had cancer and have many chronic issues, such as arthritis, and live with a lot of pain and fatigue. After the treatments with Claudia the pain disappears, it's such a relief , and I feel very calm and relaxed, with more energy. She is very intuitive and delicate in her touch, very attentive and compassionate. I always feel cared for and supported. With most gratitude,



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