I am offering Distant treatments to support people during the pandemia. Treatments are usually 1 hour  long. Booking is necessary. By donation.

The treatments I do remotely:

  • Jikiden Reiki

  • Energy Clearing

  • Sound healing / biofield tuning (with tuning forks)

in certain cases these can be combined in a gentle treatment to really support you.


Click the images to find out more about each treatment or scroll down for to Book and to read all Details & frequently asked questions



Jikiden Reiki


Energy Clearing

Sound healing

The treatments, are effective for many physical issues, including pain, stiffness, headaches, Covid-19, and also for stress, anxiety, trauma, fatigue, burnout, overwhelm, panic, depression and more. The treatments are holistic and treat your whole being, body, mind and energetic field.


"Claudia's energy is very powerful, was like she was here in the room with me! I felt very supported and calm during the treatment, and relaxed and present afterwards, the pressure on the head almost disappeared. Claudia is an angel!" (Melanie, Brighton)


"It was the most healing experience for me. Claudia's humbleness, kindness, compassion, dedication, and deep wisdom have touched my soul deeply. She creates a safe healing sacred space and has this powerful and yet humble healing presence I could sense. It was like a soul massage." (Katarina, Slovakia)


"I have been treating my mum in Portugal (I'm in the UK) for Covid-19, everyday. For 8 days in a row. The lungs are clearing, she is breathing better, the nervous system is more relaxed, she is now sleeping well and energy levels improving. She was having difficulties breathing, and we thought she might had to go into hospital. I then did a combination of Distant Reiki and Biofield tuning and she suddenly got much better and did not need hospital.

I found it was very effective to give 30-45 mins of Reiki, followed by Biofield tuning in the areas I felt most needed clearing, and often closing with a method for integration and grounding. Although the last few days I did half hour of Reiki and half hour of biofield tuning with great results" (from My treatment notes)

I have joined Reiki Medic-Care as a volunteer to offer Distant Reiki to NHS staff working in hospitals. I am part of a team of practicioners to support those on the front lines, working in difficult and traumatizing conditions, many of whom are dealing with high stress and burnout, or have the virus themselves.

Details & Frequently asked questions




You can be anywhere in the world. You will be in your home and I will be at mine.




2:30pm and 4:30pm | UK / GMT time zone

(if these times are not suitable for you, please email)



You don't need to do anything to prepare, except to make the time to receive the treatment at booked time. I believe that to create the time and space for attunement and to allow yourself to receive is key for healing to take place. You just need to lay down or sit comfortably, in a quiet space, at the agreed time, either in silence or with soothing music, and relax!



Please let me know your:

  • name

  • location

  • date of birth

  • the ISSUE for treatment / symptoms

  • date / time preferred


If I don't know you, I like to work with a recent photo.

I will email back with any further questions and confirm the appointment or give you an alternative date.


It depends on the needs / issue / symptoms. I usually advice 3-4 sessions as a start. Many times 1 single session can be of great help and release, however for long lasting effects might not be enough.


With Reiki only, the process is cumulative and consecutive days work best. For example 3-4 days in a row is good. If dealing with Covid-19 or other long term issues I recommend 7-10 daily sessions.


With the tuning forks or energy clearing, the process is very deep, you need a few days or weeks in between sessions to allow the body to process and integrate the new information and patterns. A set of 3 sessions is recommended (for example: 1 session of energy clearing + 1 session of Reiki + 1 session of reiki and tuning - spread over 1-2 months)




No, we don't need to be online, but we need to book a time in advance and have a short consultation to help me prepare the treatment. I will start the treatment on time and will let you know when I finished. I found that technology only gets on the way, as often a bad connection or app issues is only distracting and frustrating. In silence is easier to listen to my intution! You can close your eyes and relax - you will feel it! We share feedback in the end :)



I use an energetic hologram, so it is like you are just here! With Reiki I vizualize the person and use a symbol and a Jumon (mantra). Then I lay my hand in the areas to treat. I feel the energy and Byosen and you receive the treatment. With Energy clearing and Biofield tuning we are working with the Quantum Field, time and space do not matter, it's like a direct mind to mind, soul to soul connection.



The treatment is subtle but very deep, you may feel sleepy, tingling, relaxed; usually people feel very calm and present after a treatment. Some people feel a lot, feeling specifically the areas that I am treating, some might feel less. Often people zone out and have little memories, sensations or images coming up, like if they are in a dream-state.




It is important to rest and stay hydrated. Most people do not report any after effects, however it is natural that the healing process brings up toxins to the surface (physical or emotional), and sometimes people need extra sleep or might feel tired next day; it might take 24/48hrs until you feel a real shift, this is a positive sign of healing.


By donation. It is up to you how much you want / can pay. Suggestion donation might be from £20 for 1 hour.

You can give your donation after the treatment Here There is a link for a paypal button, it is very simple. I appreciate your donation. In a time where the shared vulnerability of the pandemic ignites compassion, you may also consider to offer a treatment to a friend or 'pay-it-forward' for others who can not afford it. I often help people who can't pay, if you can contribute for that effort, it is very appreciated!



If interested in receiving a treatment or have questions, please use this email: cloudhands@yahoo.com



If interested, I have been writing a series of texts on my blog called Musings on healing and self-healing where there's a lot of information and  stories; you will get to know me and learn more about my healing work. Read here :)



With nearly 2 decades of experience in Shiatsu, my treatments combine the precision of pressure points with the gentle flow of deep energy healing. As in person treatments are not possible at the moment I am grateful to have learned other energy healing that can be done remotely.

I studied the original method of Jikiden Reiki in London in 2018, with Japanese teachers Tadao Yamaguchi and Rika Tanaka. I offer distant Reiki since. I studied with Eileen McKusick, founder of Biofield tuning and learned Energy Clearing, a method by Jean Haner. I practice meditation and Chi Gong for many years, which help focus, with great energetic / chi power.


I am shiatsu and reiki accredited and insured, and a member of the Jikiden Reiki UK Association.

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