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I offer individual and group treatments remotely.

My treatments are holistic and intuitive, I treat the whole being - body, mind and energetic field. I bridge Japanese healing arts, energy medicine, body work and somatic trauma healing. I am committed in supporting people to reconnect deeply with the essence of themselves.

Watch a short video and listen a little more about my healing work at the distance with the tuning forks and reiki and get a glimpse of how I do it

I prepare the room as if the person is here and work with an energetic hologram. I always take the time to attune and prepare my energy before each treatment through meditation and breath work. A friend once said I could call my treatments Compassionate soul healing.

The results have been consistent and effective for a variety of issues, including stress, anxiety, trauma, fatigue, burnout, overwhelm, depression, 'feeling stuck' and also many physical issues, including Covid-19, pain, stiffness, headaches, and more.

"Healing is updating our experience.

The fragmented parts of past experience and trauma are re-integrated into the central line, into the flow of life. When we are immersed in the flow of vital energy, the tension in the body disappears, the split of emotions disappears. Healing and integration benefit my life in every way, because the stress is reduced, there is an expansion of Presence and potential." (Thomas Hübl)

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Jikiden Reiki


Biofield Tuning

Energy Clearing

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The Healing Circle (group healing)

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Reiki Medic-Care



Frequently asked questions

and booking information



The treatments are remote. You can be anywhere in the world. You will be in your home!


Please fill in the medical information form to help me give the best treatment. All information is confidential. You can download the form and send it via email.


The form and all info is at the booking page.



For the treatment, you just need to lay down or sit comfortably, in a quiet space, at the agreed time, either in silence or with soothing music, and relax! I believe that to create the time and space for attunement and to allow yourself to actively receive the treatment is key for healing to take place.

I have some music playlists for treatments here.




No, we are not online, but we need to book a time in advance. I will start the treatment on time. I found that technology only gets on the way, as often a bad connection or app issues is only distracting and frustrating. For me, in silence is easier to listen to my intution and to tune to your energy! You can close your eyes and relax - you will feel it! We can share feedback after the session.


The treatments are very deep, you may feel sleepy, tingling, relaxed (do not drive or operate machines during a treatment). usually people feel very calm and present after a treatment. Some people feel a lot, feeling specifically the areas that I am treating, some might feel less, some might feel moved. Often, people zone out and might have memories, sensations or images coming up, like if they are in a dream-state, I call it the dream land of healing. Usually people fall asleep at least in the first few sessions.




It is important to rest and stay hydrated. Make some extra time to rest after a treatment. Most people do not report significant after effects with Jikiden Reiki, however it is natural that the healing process brings up toxins to the surface (physical or emotional), which can feel uncomfortable temporarily.


With Biofield Tuning and Energy clearing these is more common. Sometimes people need extra sleep or might feel tired next day; it might take up to 24/48 hrs to complete the healing, until you feel a shift. Do not worry, this is a positive sign of healing. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and take a Epsom salts bath after a treatment (in particular when working with the tuning forks).


It depends on the needs / issue / symptoms. Many times 1 single session can be of great help and you might feel immediate release, however for long lasting effects it is not enough. I advice to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions as a start. Ideally long term weekly treatments work best, for example 2-3 months as necessary.


In my experience sets of 3 sessions work well. Each set seems to  create a healing pattern, allowing to move into a new deeper layer. Specially when dealing with long term issues, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, pain etc, it needs time for healing and for integration. We can arrange a long term healing plan that suits you depending on your needs.


After the urgent or chronic issues improve, Reiki can be done as a on-going wellbeing therapy, to prevent the build up of stress. As an holistic healing art, I look for the root of the issue, and not just the symptoms, often other conditions (physical or mental) may improve as well. Sometimes people report surprising synchronicities or things changing, a decision being made etc.


Sessions are paid online in advance. Treatments have different prices, please see the booking page for reference. I offer treatments on a sliding scale to make it more affordable and fair, with lower-end payment for people in part-time work and higher-end payment for people in full employment. You choose. I welcome your generosity, and if you are struggling please reach out. Please note that bookings cancelled with less than 48hr notice can not be refunded. Thank you.


Find out more about each treatment

 Jikiden Reiki

Biofield tuning

Energy clearing


Individual Sessions:


2pm | 4pm | 6pm

UK / GMT time zone


please book in advance

when doing weekly / regular treatments

please book your sessions in advance

in the beginning of the month if possible

I started the Healing Circle

to offer Distant healing for groups.

Find out more

there is no healing circle in December


read about previous

TRAUMA series


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if you are part of a group that can benefit

from distant healing

I can work with specific needs of a group

please email me to discuss

Offer the Gift of Reiki to a friend

buy a Gift Voucher for a distant Jikiden Reiki session

I will send you a voucher with your friend's name

Then they just need to book the appointment

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Claudia is a Reiki Medic-Care practitioner, part of a team to give distant Reiki to NHS staff in the UK.

Reiki Medic-Care supports the wellbeing of hospital doctors, nurses and ambulance paramedics.

20-minute Reiki treatments over 4 consecutive days

If elegible sign up for free here

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