I am an experienced Shiatsu therapist offering treatments since 2003. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage / healing art done on the floor on a futon mattress in comfortable clothes. I focus on the connection between body, mind, emotion, and energy, approaching your whole being in an holistic way.

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Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is a therapeutic healing method done on a massage table with clothes on. It uses direct healing touch, although it can be done remotely as well (at the distance).

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 Distant treatments 

I offer Jikiden Reiki, Sound healing tuning (tuning forks) and Personal Energy clearing remotely. This is effective deep healing. Ideal for social distancing, and people with chronic illness, fatigue, long-covid, and social anxiety. You can relax in your own space while receiving a treatment. Anywhere in the world.

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* due to Covid in person treatments are currently cancelled,

however I can still support you with distant treatments *

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The Art of self healing and care is a self-paced online course where you can find your own rhythm within the somatic / embodied / mindful practices offered. All videos are pre-recorded. Find out more, watch a trailer, participants' comments and sign up for it here

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