My name is Claudia. I offer Shiatsu, Jikiden Reiki and Wellbeing workshops. I am a certified and insured practitioner based in Brighton. With nearly 2 decades of experience in Shiatsu, my treatments combine the precision of pressure points with the gentle flow of deep energy treatments.


I studied Seitai-Shiatsu with a Japanese master in Lisbon and work since 2003. I also studied other forms of Shiatsu in London, Zen Shiatsu, Seiki, and also Jikiden Reiki. For many years I practice tai chi, qi gong and meditation. These different experiences have allowed me a solid ground to develop my own treatment style. I follow my intuition and sensitivity while focusing on clients needs. Healing means Wholeness. A whole person approach is my focus. Through Shiatsu, energy and healing touch, I connect the dots and work on harmonizing and balancing. Scroll down to read bio.


                                                      * Cloud hands is the name of a tai chi movement and friends call me Cloud

Due to COVID-19 the clinic is still closed. Shiatsu and workshops are cancelled. I am offering DISTANT TREATMENTS on donation.


  • SOUND HEALING TUNING (with tuning forks)


Please see also SELF-CARE PAGE with videos I made, self-shiatsu, calming exercises and inspiration to support you in these difficult and uncertain times while at home.

Wishing you well,




I am an experienced Shiatsu therapist offering treatments since 2003. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage / healing art done on the floor on a futon mattress in comfortable clothes. Read Reviews from clients here.


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Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is a therapeutic healing method done on a massage table with clothes on. It uses direct healing touch, although it can be done remotely as well (at the distance).



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 Distant treatments 

I can offer Jikiden Reiki at the distance, and also Sound healing tuning and Personal Energy clearing remotely. These are safe and effective, ideal for social distancing, for people anywhere in the world or with chronic illnesses, fatigue, and social anxiety.

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About Claudia

Claudia studied Shiatsu with Japanese master Dr. Mitsuharu Tsuchiya, from 2002, at the Portuguese Association of Seitai-Shiatsu Therapy, in Lisbon. Claudia developed a thriving practice in Lisbon treating a wide range of clients, many of them weekly, including integrating her Shiatsu treatments to complement Bioenergetics therapy. In London, Claudia studied other Shiatsu forms; teachers included Bill Commerford, Michael Rose (Zen Shiatsu) and Alice Whieldon (Seiki). Claudia worked in London from home or at people's homes. She worked at The Tree of Life, integrated health centre in Hove, and has her Shiatsu practice Cloud Hands at Purnima therapies in central Brighton.

In 2018 Claudia studied Jikiden Reiki with Japanese Master Tadao Yamaguchi and teacher Rika Tanaka and completed Shoden and Okuden. Claudia has also been learning the art of Energy clearing for people, places, and homes, a powerful effective method by Jean Haner based on the 5 elements and Chinese medicine. And Sound healing tuning with Eileen Mckusik using tuning forks to clear the Biofield.


Over the years Claudia has been practicing Qi Gong, tai chi, meditation, taoism and buddhism, shamanism and Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese self-healing art. Claudia often combines her rich experience in her treatments.


She has develloped Wellbeing Workshops for groups and one-to-one sessions to share Shiatsu, facilitate self-healing / care and empower clients to take care of themselves outside the massage room. Claudia worked in care with women living with dementia and in end-of-life; she is compassioned in supporting people in their life transitions. Through her self-healing work she also overcome her own health issues and very challenging life situations. Claudia is also a film maker and artist, and a traveler on a soul journey. She lives by the sea.

"I first discovered Shiatsu when experiencing back pain myself while working in my film. I received weekly Shiatsu treatments and discovered my body in a completely new way, as I improved, not only from my back pain, but also from what I thought were chronic conditions (such as bronchitis, which completely disappeared), I noticed my energy levels increasing, emotional expression expanding, and a new sense of openess, embodiment and grounding. I decided to learn it and give it back. Shiatsu changed my life! Has been a long and exciting ride since; I continue to learn new Shiatsu forms and other energy and healing arts. More recently I started studying Reiki and Energy Clearing, which I do in person and at distance. I am very interested in the new potential of the biofield. I have been studying trauma, and am interested in the connection between emotion and how it manifests in the body"  ~ Claudia

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