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I bridge Japanese healing arts, energy medicine, body work and somatic trauma healing. My treatments are holistic and intuitive to help people reconnect with their essence. I treat the whole being - body, mind, soul and energetic field. I offer individual and group treatments remotely and Shiatsu (in person, in London).



Shiatsu & Healing

individual sessions

cloud healing hands is my NEW WEBSITE dedicated to the healing arts

Cloud healing hands provides

  • trauma-informed Shiatsu

  • Jikiden Reiki

  • healing with tuning forks  


for sensitive people

in these troubled times

visit and book a session here

Shadow on Concrete Wall


"This course is my wise travel companion. For me it's like a river I walk in. because I feel like the themes and the ideas are so interconnected almost like water, and till now everything is so connected with what I am living these days. I love the qigong exercises very much, I practice them and it makes me so full of energy and smile."


- Katka (course: The Art of self healing and care)



group distant healing


email to request a group healing

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Meet Cloud Hands


Claudia (Cloud Hands)

A sensitive and experienced Shiatsu therapist for nearly 20 years, Claudia's practice evolved into a combination of Japanese healing arts to include Jikiden Reiki, energy medicine, Biofield tuning (healing with tuning forks) and trauma healing, which she is now doing mainly remotely through distant treatments. Claudia is deeply connected to the land and that comes through her healing. Her deep practice includes compassionate soul healing, personal and collective trauma healing (Thomas Hübl), eco-psycology, deep ecology (Bill Plotkin, Joanna Macy), meditation, chi gong and art therapy. Claudia is also a writer, film maker and artist.

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