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My learnings

I am a student of everything, in particular of healing, nature, trauma, eco-psychology, art and culture. I read and research a lot and take many courses myself. As many of the practices I do are pioneering, cutting edge, and experiential, I'm sharing a glimpse of some recent courses (2020-21) that I took as a student, that will give you an idea of my current interests and a flavour of what to expect in my own  work, mentorship and future courses. I also learn directly from nature and have been experimenting with creative practices, like Japanese calligraphy, botanical art and sun prints. I want to thank my teachers, mentor and groups, I am honoured to have shared such deep journeys with you, sometimes going to uncomfortable places to touch the deep layers. I am grateful for all received, and for the generous scholarships that gave me the opportunity to do this important work and use covid time to learn. I hope to contribute to the healing of the world and pass it forward in all ways I can.

"our centre of gravity shifts from the discovery and exploration
  of Soul to the manifestation of the Soul as a gift to others"
                                                                                                Bill Plotkin

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