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A few months ago I was invited to be a mentor of a young filmmaker. The invitation came from a portuguese feminist association who initiated a program called 'From woman to woman', matching young women with professionals in their area of choice, for guidance in their creative project as well as in life, with a component on ethics, activism and creativity. As we live in different countries, we meet on zoom. The sessions follow what comes up through the making of her film, the personal blocks, the breakthroughs, with a good dose of inspiration and empathy. It has been a real pleasure and an inspiring journey for both. After teaching groups for many years, and recently starting The wisdom tree School, this individual mentorship inspired me to offer also one-to-one sessions via zoom.



"I have been having individual mentorship sessions with Claudia to devellop my film project. It has been an intense and magical journey. Claudia is a very sensitive, empathic and patient mentor, with wonderful tools to unblock creativity. She always has an exercise, film or book to recommend that is always related with what is coming up."


- Ana Loureiro (One-to-one mentorship)

& One-to-one sessions


I am offering mentorship and one-to-one sessions.


The practices are taillored for you to respond to your specific needs. 

You might be working on a particular personal theme or project, such as a health issue, a creative project, the feminine, your connection to the Earth etc


We can work through Therapeutic Art processes, embodiment, (self) healing practices, eco-psychology, Wild Mind & nature based  practices, music, movement and other tools.


Please fill in the application below to help me understand your request and needs, so we can find the best way to work together, through practices created for you.


The practices & conversation, inspiration and guidance will support you to devellop your intuition, cultivate wholeness and find your unique voice in your creative or healing project.

I will meet you where you're at and we go from there!

For an idea of what to expect you might see my recent learnings, healing work, films & art work.

With over 25 years of experience creating long term projects such as directing films, writing film scripts & books, film editing and research, I can also help you manage long term projects, from emotional blocks to self care practices, creative work methods and practical resources.

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Earth Guardians Individual mentorship sessions


for people who want to explore their relationship with the Earth and the more than human through deep practices of connection, reciprocity, presencing, respect and healing of the land.


practical deep ecology, spiritual ecology, permaculture, and practices inspired by Bill Plotkin (Wild Mind, Soulcraft), Joanna Macy (The work that reconnects) and native cultures. See my page The Land for inspiration.



Therapeutic Art life coaching 


We will use creative practices as a tool and a process to connect more deeply with your deep self, to bring gentle awareness, cultivate your confidence, see whatever might be blocking your health, or your creative path, to align with your soul purpose.


The exercises might use collage, drawing, movement, healing, music, journaling, nature connection practices, Wild Mind practices, meditations in action, mandalas, colouring, breath work, etc, depending on your needs and personal path.

No art skills are required. These are Not art or technical classes. Although I use therapeutic methods, this is Not psychotherapy.



Application required to help me understand your needs and find the best way to work with you

For full details

Download your application

£45 | 1 hour on zoom

+ 1 inspirational email in between sessions

3-6 months programs

once or twice a month

or whatever suits best



Individual mentorship

for creative and health projects


for students of the online courses to deepen your creative or healing practice with personal guidance.


Also for people working on a particular creative project or feeling some blockages around their creativity and expression and need some guidance to move forward.

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"The true mandala is always an inner image"

                                                    - Carl Jung


Create your Website

Many times I tried to help friends to build their own website, I noticed that the first obstacle was not even the technical part, which can be difficult for some people. I noticed that most people, either artists, musicians, therapists or yoga teachers, struggled to write about themselves or have the clarity about what they wanted to do or offer.


In these individual sessions I can offer mentorship and guidance in the areas that might be holding you back from putting yourself out there, and I can offer guidance and technical tools for you to create and design your own website - from planning your pages, create an account, work with templates, customize your design, write your texts, prepare your images, hosting videos, music, or audio, and embedding on the website, creating a domain, and how to update your website in the future. I work on wix, which is a very friendly and easy to use platform.

We meet on Zoom and use the Share screen feature for tutorials and  to see your work.

See details and apply above.

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Create your Book

Anyone can publish a book. Either you want to create a book for yourself, or as a present, or want to create a portfolio, photo book or you want to write your own memoir or novel and sell it online, Self-published books on demand are an option. I have made a few. The first in 2006. 

Although the process is easy enough and most people possibly can figure it out on their own, by following the instructions and using templates, there are some tricky things and tips that can make the process a lot smoother, specially if you are working with a long format text book or designing text along with photos for example. A session or two might be enough to guide you through the initial stages of starting the project, the choice of format, issues with fonts, and how design the book, how to work with chapters when bringing a text from a word document, tips for revising, how to close a project, make it ready to create a paperback book (print) and an ebook, and finally how to make it available to sell online.

on Zoom.

See details and apply above.

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