Claudia Tomaz

Film maker, healer, teacher, writer, artist, Earth guardian, essence maker

Claudia bridges her work as an independent film maker with healing, focusing on an holistic and organic approach. She often uses images and sounds as meditation, a way to explore the depths of life and as healing art. In 2020 Claudia self-published a book 'Travelling like clouds, the art of being present' and is currently writing another called 'The depths of stillness'. Since the pandemic she has been deepening her studies on trauma, including collective trauma on women, and also deep ecology, eco-psychology, dreamwork and art. She is offering distant treatments and an online course for self healing, using somatic movement and embodiment practices.


Travelling like clouds - the art of being present, is a self-published book that I wrote through my journey (2016-20), available as an e-book, PDF and as a real book! This book of 270 pages, also includes some of my soul journey photographs; it follows the inner journeys of the soul and my worldly nomad travels. Along the journey I also made a film called The soul journey. In the book I explore themes such as uncertainty, loss, simplicity, living in wilderness, healing, energy, and trauma. Visit the link for more info. Read some testimonials of people who read it, and see options to buy it.


Somatic Movement & Embodiment. Integrated therapies of relaxation for body-mind & soul. A self paced online course for therapists and their clients and to everyone in need to reconnect with their own essence. This ONLINE COURSE is available as a self-paced individual journey, join anytime. It includes pre-recorded videos with practices, meditations in action and introspection exercises to help you be present from a grounded, centered and self-compassioned space. The practices are gentle but powerful. Claudia's embodied practices use self-massage, chi regeneration, and somatic movement, inspired by Zen, Japanese healing arts and Nature.


With almost 2 decades of experience as a Shiatsu practicioner, the pandemic offered new ways to deepening practices of healing remotely. I have been offering DISTANT REIKI to clients in different parts of the world and I also volunteer to give distant Reiki to NHS staff working on the front line. I also do sound healing tuning (using tuning forks) which can also be done remotely. Please read the info and frequently asked questions, book a session or offer a Gift voucher to a friend in need. Treatments are holistic, helpful for mental health and physical issues - mind, body and soul.

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