Musings on healing and self-healing

Musings on healing and self-healing is a new series of BLOG POSTS. articles, notes, research, discoveries, experiments and stories on healing, and self-healing.

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ONLINE COURSE  A journey of self-discovery through an holistic approach for the care of mind, body and soul. Learn more and Register.


I am offering DISTANT JIKIDEN REIKI  and SOUND HEALING TUNING. Details, info, frequently asked questions and how to book on the link


Travelling like clouds - the art of being present, is a self-published book available as an e-book, PDF and as a real book! This book of 270 pages, also includes some of my soul journey photographs; it follows the inner journeys of the soul and my worldly nomad travels. Along the journey I also made a film called The soul journey. In the book I explore themes such as uncertainty, loss, simplicity, living in wilderness, healing, energy, and trauma.



"All members of the land community are equal" - In this page I share a little about my connection with the Land, as an Earth protector, a spiritual ecologist and a gardener. In my wanders I listen to the land and all its beings, trees, animals, flowers, and rocks. With photos of my gardens, Nature meditations, wild wanders, and rituals of connection. A journey from guerrilla gardening to permaculture and Deep ecology, exploring being intimate with all things.


I take photographs since I was 18. First with a 35mm camera, lately with a digital camera and a phone. I must say it's not quite the same. I notice that with my old camera I used to do many portraits of loved ones and strangers. There was something about that particular moment of encounter. Lately I tend to photograph moments of intimacy with Nature instead. This is a very incomplete portfolio. Some photo books are in the plans.

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