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"You are such a gifted healer. I received individual and group sessions and they were all so deep. A lot of healing happened since your treatments. I always feel safe and deeply cared for. In the treatments I can easily find calmness and relaxation. I appreciate all your different healing modalities and your sensitivity. I enjoy our relationship and feel deeply nurtured. So many blockages could release and there is much more joy and ease in my life. Thank you so much, Claudia. I'm looking forward to our next session!"

- Christine B. (distant healing)

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Claudia Tomaz

Film maker, healer, writer, artist, Earth guardian

Welcome to the website of Claudia Tomaz. Claudia's work is about making Essence. She bridges her work as an independent film maker with healing, focusing on an holistic and organic approach. She often uses images and sounds as meditation, a way to explore the depths of life and as healing art. Claudia is a Shiatsu therapist and healer and is currently offering distant healing treatments for individuals and groups. Claudia just wrote a new book called 'The depths of stillness', which is now available. Claudia is also a mentor, photographer, artist, dj, sacred activist and Earth guardian. Her diverse work is available on the multiple menus of this site as well as on social media platforms, feel free to discover and explore. For questions, comments or to work together with Claudia the best way is via email.

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