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"You are such a gifted healer. I received individual and group sessions and they were all so deep. A lot of healing happened since your treatments. I always feel safe and deeply cared for. In the treatments I can easily find calmness and relaxation. I appreciate all your different healing modalities and your sensitivity. I enjoy our relationship and feel deeply nurtured. So many blockages could release and there is much more joy and ease in my life. Thank you so much, Claudia. I'm looking forward to our next session!"

- Christine B. (distant healing)

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film maker, shiatsu practitioner, writer, artist, Earth guardian



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The depths of



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The wisdom tree school is a trauma-informed alternative school for the ones who have the courage to choose freedom and authenticity. We will encourage and cultivate slowing down, rest, healing, balance, creativity, transformation, to connect with your own intuition and wisdom. We will focus on self-awareness, self-care, contemplative practices, deep ecology and art therapy. Through deep processes of healing and creativity, we will build resilience, in harmony with the land, for the regeneration of the soul. The programs available now are self paced online courses about self-healing and encourage you to create a daily practice. Individual mentorship also available.

Dead Sea

Welcome to the website of Claudia Tomaz.


Claudia's mythopoetic name is cloud hands essence maker, and that's what she does. She bridges her work as an independent film maker with healing, focusing on an holistic and organic approach.


Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, she is based in London since 2007.

Claudia started working in professional film in 1995 when she was 22. Her early feature films were awarded in Venice and Locarno film festivals and her films were released in cinemas and travelled the world in international film festivals. Claudia now works on a smaller scale, crafting her own films, as well as working as a freelancer (film editing, filming and web design). In her recent work she often uses images and sounds as meditation and connects to Nature as a way to explore the depths of life and as healing art, namely in her recent film The Soul journey.


Claudia is also an experienced and sensitive Shiatsu therapist (since 2003), Reiki practioner & healer and she is currently offering Shiatsu and healing in London and at a distance at Cloud healing hands. In 2022 Claudia started The Wisdom tree School, a platform to offer self paced online courses focusing on self-care and self-healing practices.


Recently Claudia self-published 2 books where she shares her Soul journey experiences and wisdom - Travelling like clouds (2020) and The depths of stillness (2021). The second book was written during the pandemic while she lived immersed in the natural world.


Claudia studied in diverse fields as film, shiatsu, jikiden reiki, somatic trauma healing, biofield tuning, quantum touch, permaculture, eco-psychology and deep ecology; her teachers include Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin, Doug Van Hauten, Thomas Hubl, Dr Arielle Swartz, Eileen Mckusick, Dr John Beaulieu, Richard Gordon, Charles Eiseinstein and many others.


Claudia's films and other work is available on the multiple menus of this site as well as on other platforms; feel free to discover and explore.


To work together with Claudia the best way to get in touch is via email.

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