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About Claudia's film work


Claudia is a UK-based film maker (originally from Lisbon, Portugal) whose work encompasses many different styles and genres. She often works in a film-essay style, using a low-budget, experimental and poetic approach to images and sounds. Claudia is also dedicated to use video as a tool for social change. Her latest projects include an engaged activist feature documentary about the housing crisis in London called Give us space (2012-2015), and a singular film-meditation called The soul journey (2016-2020), which is a very personal film about her own soul journey, embedded in the world's transitions and her becoming an earth guardian. Past work includes documentaries, travelogues, experimental films, music videos, AV live sets, and 2 awarded full-length feature films (fiction) which were produced by Paulo Branco, released in theatres and went around the world to international film festivals [‘Nights’ won ‘The critic’s week award’ in 2000 at the Venice Film Festival and 'Us' won the Boccalino award in Locarno, 2003].


Her films are generously available online, for free in the links below.

If you enjoy Claudia's films please consider supporting her work with a donation.

Soul Journey

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Nature Meditations

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Live Visuals / VJ

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Give us Space



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Video activism, Events & DIY culture

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Claudia worked with film directors such as Paulo Rocha, Pedro Costa, José Alvaro de Morais, Paula Gaitan and Daniela Kon. She also wrote a monthly page at film magazine Premiere, called Atelier of Cinema, and she taught film workshops in Lisbon. Her early work was supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (from 1995), who supported her with the Gulbenkian Fellowship in a program as an artist in residency at Temple University in Philadelphia, US (2005-06) after an invite by professor Jeff Rush (author of Alternative scriptwritting) to continue to devellop her film script Mobile, that participated in the European advanced scriptwriting workshop, Script&Pitch in 2004. After working in the film industry in Portugal from 1995 to 2003, she made a sharp turn, becoming a Shiatsu therapist in 2003. Claudia moved to London in 2007.


Claudia continues to make her films independently,  working in a small scale, in holistic ways, finding her own pace, in a feminine way, using meditation techniques for creating her crafted films, which became healing art, made as a image-poem that unfolds through presencing the impermanence of Life and the beauty of Nature. In her most recent work, she creates 'essence-touching medicine' with images and sounds.


In London Claudia has also worked as a freelancer and collaborated with a wide range of projects and people. She taught film and editing at Space Studios, V&A Museum and other places, to children, youth and adults. She edited the awarded documentary 'Changing the world on vacation' with activist filmmaker Daniela Kon. Claudia worked with eco-pionneer architect John Doggart for many years making short videos for a campaign on low carbon housing called SuperHomes, using video as an awareness tool and education for environmental issues and climate change. Claudia also worked with activists, musicians, record labels, theater companies, making short documentaries, creating live visuals & video projections for shows. She was part of the pre-slection committee of SIMA (Social Impact Media Award) for about 7 years, selecting activist documentaries from all over the world, for a socially engaged online platform. Claudia works in an ethical way, usually without a crew, in an ecological-way.


for more info and filmography, see cv

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