from guerrilla gardening to permaculture and deep ecology

When I moved to London in 2007 I started growing herbs, tomatoes and flowers by the windows in my flat. Then I joined the Guerrilla gardening group in a few actions scattering sunflowers seeds around South London.


Guerrilla gardening is a direct action gardening practice, reclaiming land that is perceived to be in neglect or misused, without legal permission.


That was fun, sunflowers flowerished around town (pic on the right), it made the place look nicer and certainly put smiles on people's faces!


In 2012 I moved to a house with a garden. That was heaven to me, I had space to grow food and could take care of the plants over time. For nearly 4 years I grew herbs, flowers, tomatoes, salads, strawberries (see pics bellow). On the first summer in the house, I had an heart operation and spent a long time in stillness in the garden. I became one with the more-than-human, the plants, the trees, the animals (birds, a cat, squirrels, a fox, etc). I then started to find crystals, I found 4. The first one was a pink crystal, I sat down and hold it. I felt its powerful energy through me. When I looked it up I saw it relates with the heart. I then understood the universe was helping me to heal and we were not separate. The garden became my meditation place and practice, I became intimate with all things. Later on, looking for sustainability and trying to understand this new spiritual connection, I studied Permaculture Design (see bellow) and came across the Deep Ecology movement.


Deep ecology is an holistic approach to thinking, feeling, spirituality and action in the context of living systems. It involves seeing ourselves as a "not separate" part of the Earth, leading to a deeper connection with life, where the natural world is not other than who we are, and where we have a particular part to play. The Deep ecology movement is an environmental resistance movement that include philosophy and engaged political action in defense of the Earth, and applies its insights into everyday life.


It is living at one with the Earth and All beings. We are Nature.

Growing in my garden, London 2012 - 2015

"The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils,

waters, plants, animals, and humans, or collectively: the land" (Leopold, 1949)


"All members of the land community are equal" (Naess, 1979)

My tree from the window of my room through the seasons

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Meditating with the trees in new garden. autumn & winter 2015-2016

Meditations and rituals of connection with the Land community

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is an ethical and sustainable way of living that follows the principles of 'earth care, people care, fair shares'. It is a system of agricultural and social design centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.

Dial House | introduction to permaculture 2013 (3 days) with Graham Burnett

Landmatters, Devon | permaculture design course 2015 (2 weeks) with Aranya

Deep Ecology in action

nature as healer, a book of meditations

As part of my healing journeys and Nature connection, I take photographs and film those moments of interbeing, insights and deep connection. I call them photo or video meditations.


I am currently designing a book compiling photos, poems and mantras that came to me while sitting on my daily meditation practice or on retreat.


walk not in order to arrive, but just for the joy of walking


when we practice walking meditation beautifully, we massage the Earth with our feet and plant seeds of joy and happiness with each step.



Thich Nhat Hanh

in The long road turns to joy

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