Claudia was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1973. She worked as a film director, making several films, including two awarded feature films. Discovering Shiatsu changed her life. Since then Claudia bridges her work as an independent film maker with healing, focusing on an holistic and organic approach. She often uses images and sounds as meditation, a way to explore the depths of life and as healing art. She also uses video for social change and activism, namely in environmental and housing issues. As a Wanderer she has travelled to many places, including distant lands such as South Korea, Finland, Morocco, Canada and Jamaica. She travelled to international film festivals, workshops, artist residencies, made road movies and spiritual journeys. Claudia lived in Lisbon, Bordeaux, Philadelphia, and London. Her recent Soul Journey, took her into new directions and she walked many paths. Currently she lives a simple life, co-creating with Nature, making her films, offering healing and planting the garden of the soul.

"My work is towards wholeness, healing, and deep living. Some people know me as a filmmaker; I see myself firstly as a human being; a creative, a healer and wanderer going through the world, enjoying the gift of life and its wide range of experiences. I'm a Nature lover, a Soul explorer, a permaculture gardener, an Earth protector, a sacred activist, a tree sister, a wise woman. I practice meditation and tai chi, I like music, to dance and to stare at clouds, to walk in the fields and swim in the sea! At some point I worked with women living with dementia and end-of-life, supporting their transition. I wrote a book and made a film about my soul journey. Aligning with soul became a priority, and a new path has lead me to study trauma, eco and depth psychology, deep ecology, permaculture, Art therapy, embodied practices and I offer distant healing. I try to connect and integrate all things, to help create the 'more beautiful world our hearts know is possible'."

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