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The depths of stillness

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After Claudia's previous book Travelling like clouds, about her nomadic soul journey, in this new book she takes us on a journey through The depths of stillness. Written through the pandemic, in this threshold of humankind and the planet, making sanctuary on the edge of the island, in deep connection with the land and the more than human, Claudia explores themes such as healing, empathy, self care, sensitivity, intuition, wisdom, soul, shadow work, collective trauma, eco-psychology, deep ecology and the feminine, while she plants the garden of the soul and receives new gifts as a healer and an Earth guardian. 300 pages. 

This is a D.I.Y. Self-Pushished on Demand book. The book is available to buy from Blurb. This website deals with the printing and shipping of the paperback book and they host the e-book which is available for immediate download anywhere in the world. I receive a percentage. Please support this independent book made with all my heart and Soul.

Shipping is via UPS (about £10). However if you are outside the UK / Europe I recommend to buy the e-book. Sadly, due to Brexit orders over €25 must pay tax: "Any local duties, customs, and taxes that apply must be paid by the recipient upon delivery."

(+ shipping & taxes)

available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers


"Following the pace of the plants and supporting their growth, I became intimate with the language and soul of this land. Intimacy with the natural world and the more than human, expands the heart. It is a relationship that is both subtle and powerful, with a rare quality of reciprocity and depth.

In a book by Robert Johnson, I read this, and everything fell into place: "Feminine wounds are almost always cured by being still. Any woman who exercises her feminine genius of stillness will find her way to the garden, the most feminine of all symbols, the centre of her being." Then, I understood more completely the healing powers of this stillness, the way I planted in circles, and how I was beginning to occupy the centre of my being."

Listen to some excerpts and a chapter of
The depths of stillness

Travelling like clouds,
the art of being present


Travelling like clouds, like the wandering Taoist monks, Claudia went on a soul journey, living a nomadic life, like a modern pilgrim, staying in the liminal zone, embodying the in between space, asking questions by living them. She lived in cities, in the countryside, by the sea, in a forest of cork trees, she made a film on solar panels while living in wilderness, she cared for women with Alzheimer's and dying, practicing compassion in action, while aligning with Soul, and listening to Earth, water, drought and wind. The book is partly memoir, partly travel writing, and explores themes such as uncertainty, loss, simplicity, living in wilderness, Nature connection, healing, energy, and trauma, with depth, to inspire other souls. It follows Claudia's inner and outer journeys, questioning how - as a Wanderer, an artist, an Earth protector and healer - she can bring her gifts, wisdom and resilience into the world to help co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

This is an independent self-published book available as an e-book and as paperback book printed on demand by Blurb (with UPS shipping). Usually print & delievery takes about 4-7 days. The e-book is available immediately for download anywhere in the world. The book has 270 pages, and includes some of Claudia's photographs. Available since Jan 2020.


By buying the book directly from the writer you will be supporting Claudia's work & new studies/research, as well as the planting of trees. In her journey, Claudia supported the planting of 243 trees through The tree sisters.

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what people say about
Travelling like clouds

Firstly can I say wow, your courage tenacity & vulnerability ooze from the pages.  Reading the last part of your book today stirred an even deeper part in my soul towards action. Your book has breathed a new sense of life into me one in which I hope I can have the courage & endeavour to travel. Thank you beautiful soul for sharing your courage, your vulnerability and your heart in this book. I do hope that many people take the time to read it. I knew it would be good, that's why I bought it straight away, but you far exceeded my expectations & would love to see the film too.


I just couldn't stop reading. What a brave Warrior of Light you are! What a powerful intimate story with those magic images! You've been through so much and did things I would never dare to do, but sort of always wished for. I love your way of putting it. And you understand so much!


I have just finished reading your book. I absolutely loved it. What an inspiring and poet journey. Thank you for your generosity and wisdom! Your work is beautiful and inspiring; I believe meant to be shared as a service to others. It's a beautiful authentic journey, thank you!


The soul journey

- How do you know where to go?
- I follow the Tao.

If you'd like to know more about the journey
that led to these two books you might like
The soul journey page.

The Soul Journey is a real life journey, self inquiry, meditation in action, vision quest and radical soul work.
Slowing down, un-learning, healing and making sanctuary
are all part of this journey.

In its visible forms it is a feature film, these 2 books
and a unique online course called
The healing journey of the Soul
which is now in preparation.

Watch the trailer of the film The Soul Journey
(filmed between 2016 and 2019)


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