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integrated therapies of relaxation

for body-mind & soul


awareness, connection

care and healing

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A self paced online course for therapists and their clients and to everyone who wants to reconnect with their own essence

"This course is my wise travel companion. For me it's like a river I walk in."

the journey's map

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soften the body
rise energy levels

The Art of self healing and care

Module 1: Find your balance

A self paced online course

4 sessions

You will practice self-care as an art, with creativity. You are invited to listen to your body, mind, soul, and energy, to enable you to be in the body, with more softness and awareness to face the present from a grounded, centered and self-compassioned space.

Watch the trailer with clips of the sessions


This program is designed to help you find wholeness in the middle of the chaos and uncertainty, and is trauma aware. In times of physical isolation and social distancing, it is vital to bring touch and embodied practices into our daily life.


Claudia designed this course to bring together the essence of her teachings, in a way that is gentle, simple, deep and powerful.


A course with Claudia

With a background in film making, Claudia found her healing gift and took a new path, becoming a Shiatsu therapist in 2003. After a successful practice in Lisbon, she worked in London and Brighton. Her practice of healing arts developed over the years. She studied other forms of Shiatsu, Reiki, energy medicine, meditation, biofield tuning and eco-psychology. During the pandemia Claudia is offering distant treatments as private sessions and distant reiki to NHS workers. Claudia designed this course and created all the videos and course materials herself, including the website to host this special online course. Claudia teaches since 2004 but this is the first time she is sharing online. Read more about Claudia.












The practices

Claudia's practices are somatic practices for embodiment. She uses self-massage, chi regeneration, mindfulness, chi gong, and other slow exercises in coordination with breathing, for the awareness, connection, relaxation and healing of body-mind and soul. Claudia blends and integrates 20+ years of self-healing, Japanese healing arts, energy medicine, trauma healing and work with clients, into her own soft, holistic and effective approach that is done with simplicity and depth.


Inspiration and influences

Claudia started doing yoga 32 years ago, at the age of 16, which introduced her to a body-mind-energy connection since an early age. She studied Zen, Chinese Medicine, Taoism, and practiced Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Pilates. She became a Shiatsu practicioner in 2003. It was then that she started to blend her practices, first for her own self care as a practicioner. She also collaborated with Bioenergetic therapists bringing these practices to groups in workshops and therapy settings.  This course is inspired by these experiences and her deepening of her practice of Shiatsu, Jikiden reiki, Jin shin jyutsu, energy medicine, deep listening, meditation, somatic movement and also her studies on trauma healing (in particular the work of Thomas Hübl and Gabor Maté), and collective trauma in women. Claudia practices soul work, deep ecology and eco-psychology, specially through the work of Bill Plotkin and Joanna Macy. Through her many inspirations and influences, she created her own path, bringing the essence of her teachings in this course.


Who is this course for

For therapists and their clients and anyone who wants to connect with their own essence. However the course is suitable for everyone, in particular those who are sensitive, empaths, introverts, and those in the helping professions such as healers, massage therapists, caregivers, coaches, and those dealing with trauma, anxiety, or struggling with the limitations of the lockdown and are in need of some gentle guidance to find balance and inner power.


However if you need much interaction and group support this course might not be for you, as it is an individual journey for your self-care with pre-recorded videos and introspection exercises.

(Read Testimonials below from people who did this online course, and watch the Trailer, to make sure this is for you)


4 session. Each session is composed of 5 elements:

  • (1) I-Ching wisdom

  • (2) 1 hour video with practices and detailed explanations

  • (3) mindfulness / meditation in action to apply in your daily life

  • (4) writing / introspection exercise

  • (5) inspiration piece

What you will learn

  • release tension from the body

  • simple and deep somatic practices, that connect body, mind and energy, to help you co-regulate your nervous system

  • practices to stay embodied, grounded and relaxed in the body and mind

  • mindfulness and introspection practices that you can apply to directly improve your daily life and your awareness within your routines

  • create your own tool box of resources for your own self-care and self-healing, with tips on how to implement it to fit your own pace and needs


Self Paced

As a self-paced course you can find your own rhythm within the practices offered. All videos are pre-recorded and you can access all course materials and instructions from a Members area by logging in with a personal password. You can choose a 1 month or 3 months membership (see details below). To make the course affordable and to motivate you to practice and really learn the exercises for yourself, at the moment the videos are not-downloadable. We hope to find ways to offer that in the future.


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'I loved it. I will definitely redo all the sessions. They are very profound and deep with many layers. They can be practiced continually. I feel you have prepared this course with much love, gentleness, kindness, compassion and care. It is a treasure. I find it very helpful and inspirational. It is much more than just a four week course.' Katarina


'I loved the written exercises because, although it was tough to do, it gave you a real insight of yourself. From the exercises I really enjoyed the self massage and the grounding exercises with Tai Chi movements, I found them very calming. This course has been a great addition to my current very limited self care. Thank you again Claudia, you have such a gentle, calm and transfixing voice, almost hypnotic that it really helps to relax with the exercises you've shared. Thanks with much appreciation.' Anna

'I watched your video yesterday and wanted to say that I really appreciated the exercises and the careful and beautiful way that it was shot. I am glad to be on this journey.' Kate

'I loved listening to Claudia's lovely soothing voice and her natural style of presentation. I enjoyed her style of expression in the written text. It reminded me o zen and Tchich Naht Hahn. Claudia has a positive energy about her, and all her explanations were excellent. Brilliant that it was all recorded so we could follow when we had time' Debbie

"Thank you so much for the 'Art of self healing and care' course which I think is amazing and learnt so many beautiful things! I loved the videos (a great second best to being with you in person), the mountain meditation and chi kung exercises, the jin shin jyutsu exercises, the tennis ball massage technique, the tai chi walking and Eagle movement, and the incredibly wise teachings from each session." Lee Anne

"This course is my wise travel companion. For me it's like a river I walk in. because I feel like the themes and the ideas are so interconnected almost like water. I still can not very well differentiate each session. For me it is one big topic. and till now everything is so connected with what I am living these days. I love the qigong exercises very much, I practice them and it makes me so full of energy and smile." Katka

Module 1

- themes and videos -

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Week 1

Living in the present


Week 3

Finding stability in chaos


Week 2

Nurturing my inner space


Week 4

Moving forward step by step

Video 1

This week's exercises will focus on RELEASING TENSION from the body to  increase awareness of body, mind and emotions. In this session you will learn to release tension and do an energetizing self-massage. You will also learn how to massage your back with simple props.

Video 2

This week the exercises will focus on listening and nurturing your INNER SPACE. You will learn to feel the energy in your hands and ways to increase your energy levels. You will practice 'the main central flow' and 'encircling the fingers', to work on all your organs to raise your energy.

Video 3

This week the focus is in finding STABILITY in the middle of chaos. How to stand still like a mountain, staying in balance. You will learn 2 chi gong exercises and new self-massage exercises that are more focused and precise. You will do a practice to help you deal with strong emotions.

Video 4

This week the focus is on movement, on MOVING FORWARD, gently, step by step, with a relaxed body, attention to the inner space, and with stability and balance, bringing together the practices of the previous weeks. You will learn also a practice of Hara Shiatsu (self massage to your belly) and Walking meditation.

We are happy to offer the foundation level

'Find your balance' 

we plan to make more in-depth programs available in 2021

if enough people are interested


short term

4 weeks

Access all course materials

for 1 month to learn new practices and to boost

your self care


long term practice

3 months

Access all course materials

for extended period of time

to go deeper and receive

Bonus Meditations, a Video and Healing Music


after doing the course for a group in partnership with Evolution Arts, Brighton

we are now offering the course individually

as a self-paced online course


for enquiries


When I started shiatsu in 2003 I had a busy practice in Lisbon. To cope with many treatments each week I develloped exercises for my own self-care as a practicioner, to keep flexible, without tension or pain in my body and with a balanced energy to give the best treatments. I used a combination of yoga, chi gong, self-shiatsu and movement. This became a group class called 'Integrated therapies for relaxation' as I felt important to share with my clients strategies to cope with stress outside the massage room to empower them to look after themselves in their daily situations and health / life challenges. I also gave these sessions in psychotherapy settings to groups as a preparation for bioenergetics workshops.


For sometime I could not teach or work with clients, the healer had to heal herself, and I learned that the ultimate healing is self-healing.


I am 48 and I experienced much suffering in my life. I can say that my practices have been life saving in very challenging situations, and an essential part of a deep healing journey, when dealing with grief and loss, with trauma, burnout and physical pain.


All these years I continued to follow my intuition, to develop new practices and embodied exercises, creating a sophisticated in-depth holistic approach to my own mind-body health. I do heal myself using the practices I'm sharing in this course, and many many others, such as self-shiatsu, reiki, tuning forks, herbs, food, nature based practices, dream work etc.


As an intuitive, empath and healer my self care and self healing is a necessary and enjoyable daily practice.


In the sequence of the global situation, I feel that self healing and self care is more important than ever. This online course is my response to offer support for these uncertain times. One that is flexible, that you can do from home, at your own pace.


This is a first module with the foundations of this work, focusing on simple effective practices to help you to create your own tool box of resources for your self care practice. I hope to develop more in depth online programs in the future. >> read more about my healing work and studies



for the course

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