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 Wisdom Tree School

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"to be in harmony with your soul, you must learn and experience many things.

Today, you must learn to breath."

Wisdom Tree School

The aim of the school is to work with individuals and small groups, on personal and collective healing, renewal and inner growth, in harmony with Nature, for the care of the Earth, humans and all beings, with focus on self-awareness, contemplative practices, deep ecology, and art therapy. My vision is to create a space to reconnect with the essence of ourselves and re-discover our authenticity. I wish to create the Wisdom Tree School online and on the land. This is a trauma-informed alternative school for the ones who have the courage to choose freedom and authenticity, the rebels and outcasts, the artists, mysfits, healers and wild ones, the people who are in transition, unlearning a traumatized and unhealthy system based on the myth of normal. We can do better and find healthier ways to be and relate. We will encourage and cultivate slowing down, intuition, rest, creativity, healing, balance, transformation and wisdom. Through deep processes of healing and creativity, we will build resilience, in harmony with the land, for the regeneration of the soul.

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The school is now happening Online

we hope to create courses on the land in the future

and invite other teachers, artists and healers

(image for reference  and inspiration)

"Being different means standing at the edge"

                                                         Clarissa Pinkola Estés



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NEW 7 Weeks Online course


Explore the depths of your own soul through an expansive inspiring guided journey through intuition, wisdom, nature, creativity and healing.





Mini Online course

3 short videos

3 practices

+ wellbeing suggestions and inspiration for uncertain times

In these challenging times to keep the body healthy, the immune system strong and the mind balanced is key. Here I  share a few simple practices to support self care, self regulation and healing.

Available now




Distant healing is a deep, gentle and effective form of healing that you can receive anywhere. To learn more and book an appointment follow the link. There is a short video for you to see and get an understanding how it works. Individual sessions and group sessions.

Available now

BOOK a session



The course is an introduction to practical Cloud Hands Shiatsu, a method I've been develloping for nearly 20 years. It includes self-Shiatsu and healing arts for self-care, meditation and Taoist exercises, as a preparation, as well as exercises to make your hands / touch soft like clouds. There will be Shiatsu demonstrations, breathing, and energy awareness practices.

The workshop will also introduce body maps and some concepts of Eastern philosophy that are key for Shiatsu practice, however due to its complexity, it will focus on practical methods that can be used in our daily lives, with simplicity, to bring more balance and harmony into your life.

in person



Slow down, listen, be quiet and explore the relationship between eye, camera, body, feeling, emotion, breath, movement and expression. We are Nature. What does it mean to be Nature? To be with or in Nature? Can we embody Nature? You will be invited to wander in Nature and create mindfull photographs as you become more intimate with Nature and yourself.

on the land


one-on-one SESSIONS:

Individual mentorship for students to deepen your practice or to support a creative project.


Therapeutic Art life coaching

for healing and to unblock creativity

Create your book

design & self-publish on demand.

Create your website

plan, write, create, design.

Available now




This course will explore deep ecology practices and ways to find healing and creativity in deep connection with Nature.

on the land



We will work with film while discovering the essence of our feminine nature. Using introspectives processes, receptivity and intuition, we will weave images, sounds, words, and emotions, together.

The usual way of making films reinforces a patriarchal vision of industry rules and a production machine, that often kills the natural flow of the creative mind.


In this course we nurture a beginner's mind, observation, inner guidance, and fresh ways to look within and around us, connecting our breath with the pulse of the Earth.



I am a student of everything, I read and research a lot and take many courses myself. As many of the courses and practices I do are pioneering, cutting edge, and experiential, I'm sharing some examples that will give you a better idea about what to expect in my own courses and teachings, in this constellation of learnings.

My recent learnings

dream'Rest the head'-1.jpg

I have been teaching on and off since 2004, in London and Lisbon (Victoria & Albert Museum, Space Studios, C.E.M, Restart) inspiring and empowering participants to find their own voice and expression through creativity, images and film language. However this is a completely new and holistic approach, informed by my experiences as a healer, artist and Earth protector, and the teachings and visions of my soul journey, which took me to walk many paths and to learn (and unlearn) many things. I integrate a diversity of practices that I have been learning and developing over the years, such as shiatsu, reiki, energy healing, somatic practices, permaculture, meditation, qi gong, shamanic wisdom, care work, music, writing, photography, film, art, trauma work, eco-psychology, spiritual ecology and sacred activism.

Read more about my

healing work

film work

Shadow on Concrete Wall


"This course is my wise travel companion. For me it's like a river I walk in. because I feel like the themes and the ideas are so interconnected almost like water, and till now everything is so connected with what I am living these days. I love the qigong exercises very much, I practice them and it makes me so full of energy and smile."


- Katka (course: The Art of self healing and care)

Cláudia opens her workshops to all kinds of people which automatically creates an environment of exploration and experimentation of video. The exercises she proposes are precise but open enough for us to put our input of personal creativity. I also found that the viewing of different films, videos and documentaries and the discussion about reality/fiction, were utterly important as a way to rethink cinema, art and life and therefore to question our work and working process.

Miguel Bonneville, performance artist

Digital cinema, transversal cinema - cinema of the body, Lisbon

To get conscious of the body while filming, that was very new and important. To get conscious of the line we create telling a story. A great trip through little pieces of film you were showing us, discovering some of my nowadays masters. Your way of teaching is at the same time very structured and free giving us basis to create, where the rational and the sensible perception get together.

Alex, filmmaker

Digital cinema, transversal cinema - cinema of the body, Lisbon

The documentary workshop with Claudia was very useful as I was trying to get back into video filming. Claudia has an easy way to teach technical aspects of filming through practical exercises. She stresses the importance of all these aspects, yet in a very approachable way impelling the student to experiment. This helped me to have a new and more conscious approach to my work and have a more assertive point of view as a spectator. Also, Claudia's very gentle but strong personality, helped us to approach quite a tough subject with a lot of confidence. And last but not least, it allowed me to rediscover Lisbon in a totally new light! Thank you Claudia!

Céline Carlisle, artist

Documentary course, Lisbon

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Claudia synthesized in this workshop the relationship between actor-character-director, which allowed each participant to explore, discover, open definitions so many times narrowed by each profession. The work between writing a situation and putting it on camera, with the responsibility of casting and directing, allowed very concrete and immediate explorations with visible results. Cláudia showed that creativity is within us and that is possible to make it real and express it. Due to the richness of the proposal of this workshop I only think it would be beneficial to have more time, for example in a longer course, to explore all the potential of Claudia’s theme and go in-depths in exploring creative expression in it-self in a fluid flow between writing, acting and directing.

Marie Carré

The non-separable triangle: director - actor – character, Lisbon

It was great to re-read some moments of your articles on Premiere Magazine. Magnificent yes, I remember how I did like your ideas unfolding and how you would make me think about cinema -- Cláudia's written workshops take you on an avid journey: thinking, analyzing, understanding, visualizing film. An unmissable cinematic universe reflecting on the meaning and the making of contemporary auteur cinema. State-of-the-art tendencies and methodologies, post-cinema, digital form here and now.

David Bonneville, filmmaker


Claúdia's workshop was one of the most interesting ones I did in terms of documentary. She introduce me to important references that are today some of my favorite documentarists. She not only had an interesting way to introduce the topics but also managed to motivate a critical discussion among the participants. She not only has the knowledge - she knows how to pass it on.

Clara Gomes, teacher, video artist

Documentary workshop, Lisbon

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