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In July 2015 in London, I performed a live visuals gig, for 2 video screens, with djs. Playing live, I presented 3 different sets all based on transformation, metamorphosis and Nature, poetry in movement for deep drum and bass. In my live visual remix I started with video samples transformed into loops. In this video I worked with loops of migrant butterflies. This 20 minutes video is an edited version of the live recordings done at the gig. A work of transformation all the way: transforming doc images into moving paintings, transforming the loops each time into a movement of subtle variations, transforming the live improvized performance into a linear video made of loops. Music: Godspeed the Black Emperor. This is a video meditation, please watch it on full / big screen with loud sound! work-in-progress blog post: read more

METTA: means kindness. Metta is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings
MORPHOSIS: the manner in which a organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development

This video is an edited version of a live performance of live visuals along with drum 'n' bass djs. The performance went on for a few hours. Once in a while I hit the recording button which records the images on the go, as I am playing live, with filters and all. The recordings from resolume are silent; for the purpose of this edited short version meditation I borrowed the music from Future sound of London. That night I played 3 different sets, all Nature related. In this set I remixed images from the film 'Home' (by artist and activist, Yann Arthus-Betrand) and some of the words that appear in the film - facts about the Earth destruction that is undergoing. This excerpt features climate refugees, ice cap thinning and deforestation. Take care of our Home.

While visiting Dial House I did a 1 hour video meditation. It was windy and raining and I think my camera didn't do justice to the magic of the place which is incredibly peaceful, full of art, beauty and care. Anyway this is what arisen during my meditation. filmed in 2013.

Thanks to Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher

A video meditation in my home in Lisbon, 2007. Each day I looked at these shadows on the wall, as the leaves moved in the interior courtyard, as the sun shined through, as the storm changed the movement. I started filming it daily, from February to August, as a visual meditation, a deep look at the subtle movements of Life.

CHANGES was an installation I created at Casa dos Dias da Água, in Lisbon in 2007, with the question 'Trees change, how do you change with them?'. The images were filmed in Philadelphia, where I lived between 2005-06 as an artist-in-residence. I filmed trees over my window for over a year. In this gesture of 'looking at the trees' I started to learn about the movements of mutation, soft, internal, that it sprout later in flowers, green leaves, and fruits. When observing the trees, I observed those movements introspectively, understanding my own changes in this snowflake dance and flaring flowers. Slowly a film was being born, better: a meditation. This video is a short account of an immersive installation. Read more

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