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Most of the videos in this page are made in collaboration with artists and activists with the goal of empowering people, ideas and messages. I film and edit, making the videos in a short period of time, on affordable budgets.  I hope these videos help to spread positive change and support people / projects / collectives who are already changing the world by doing what they do!

See the Freelancer page for more details. To discuss a project please Contact

Social Impact Media Award (SIMA)

annual global documentary competition. SIMA exists to advance global awareness, social justice, human rights, and humanitarian development by championing creative documentaries that inspire activism, compassion and social change. Watch trailers on youtube channel



I am part of the pre-selection committee of the activist  feature documentaries category since its foundation in  2012




Superhomes campaign

To combat climate change is key to reduce housing carbon footprint. I make short informative videos for the SuperHomes campaign to create awareness and share knowledge about eco-homes  and energy efficient refurbishments. This video is just one example of the dozens of videos we made. Watch a selection of videos



Film maker, sound, editor

2007 - 2015

Bombs or dying for a week

In a collaboration with Susana Vidal I created several videos for 3 different performances by Teatro Negativo, in Lisbon. Most footage was recorded through Skype (actors were in Lisbon, I was in London). These creative videos were silent to be projected during the shows.

Read more about this project.

Watch one of the videos: 3 women.

 **trailer on the left



Creation of videos, mixed media

filmed on skype, editing, layers, projections, editing, effects. 2011

music videos for Pete the Temp

This is 1 of the 5 videos I filmed and edited for activist poet and musician Pete the Temp with Jane Wild on violin. The videos were filmed in London, while recording a new album in the studio.


Watch all 5 videos we made on Pete's Youtube channel:

Life is Hard | Misbehavers | I've Squatted a Greenhouse in Your Heart | Something suspicious | Remember that You're Going to Die



Camera | Editing





Drop BP Action

29 November 2015: Buddhists activists take space at the British Museum, marking out a clear message on the floor of the great hall: Drop BP. Dharma action by Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement - DANCE



Camera | Editing





Clear Lines festival

From 30th July to 4th August 2015, Iklectik Art Lab, in London, hosted 'Clear Lines Festival', a truly special gathering of psychologists, activists, therapists, survivors, experts, performers, journalists, writers, visual artists, cartoonists, comedians, and the public — all eager to engage in an open, honest, authentic conversation about sexual assault and consent. We filmed the full conference, 20 hours of panels and events, with 2 cameras. On the video on the left I captured some of the hightlights of the festival. Watch the full talks



Camera | Workflow design | Editing


The world is on fire

While staying in Berlin, I filmed this video at the underground screen printing workshop Czentrifuga, a space for expression in arts and politiks. At the time, they prepared for their exhibition PrintNoize at Neurotitan Gallery. All the music used in the video is from their own record 'The world is on fire' released during the exhibition.

screen printing artists: Beat, Gabba Reifenstihl, Werner Kernebeck, Sputnik Rat, Mark Angelo

At Czentrifuga. Berlin.



Camera | Editing

Berlin 2016

Cult of Signs

I filmed Mark Angelo, artist and designer from the techno collective Spiral Tribe / SP23, while working in Berlin creating his art project, Cult of Signs. The video idea started as a work-in-progress documentation of Mark's paintings that mutated into a meditation and intimate sharing between the creative minds of Claudia and Mark.The intro was the result of a little banner action in the streets of Berlin. Wake up!



Camera | Editing

Berlin, May 2016

The dreams of Stockwell Community Project

this was a community mosaic project about peace made at Art4Space by local people; we documented their art work and process over several months. The mosaic is now on the wall of International Alert building in Stockwell (an international peace organization).  Read more



Camera and editor > team collaboration


other freelancer collaborations

- working with film directors -

Changing the world on Vacations  - NGOs and the politics of compassion

feature documentary

Director/Producer: Daniela Kon

'Changing the World on Vacation' is a feature length social-impact documentary that follows the team of the grassroots NGO PEPY (Protect the Earth Protect Yourself) in Cambodia over the course of one year.

In 2005, PEPY built a school to benefit 540 children in a rural village and sustains this project financially by offering volunteer vacations to the school. This new merger of aid work and adventure travel is the largest growing segment in the tourism and non-profit industry and the original focus of this documentary, which challenges the conduct of NGOs for sustainable development. Deeda Productions



Film Editor. I worked on a first version of the doc out of 150 hours of footage in 2007, in London. In 2012, I edited the official trailer on the left.


Days in Sintra

feature documentary

Director: Paula Gaitan

In this experimental intimate and poetic film, Gaitan creates a deeply moving meditation on memory and time as she chronicles her return from Brazil to Sintra, Portugal, where she lived in exile with her husband, film director Glauber Rocha, and their children before his untimely death. The video is a 10 min excerpt of the doc.



Locations scouter, production manager and guide in Portugal, van's driver and team support. 2007

In Vanda's Room

feature documentary

Director: Pedro Costa

With the intimate feel of a documentary and the texture of a Vermeer painting, Pedro Costa's In Vanda's Room takes an unflinching, fragmentary look at a handful of marginalized people in a neighbourhood under demolition near Lisbon.



Second camera and director's assistant in the neighbourhood for about 8 months


The river of gold

feature film | drama

Director: Paulo Rocha

Based on a story that Rocha drew from his experiences growing up in the Portuguese countryside, “River of Gold” (Cannes) is clearly a labor of love that Rocha intended to express the colors, sounds and characters of his youth. A project of passion about love, sex and murder. The video on the left is an excerpt of the final sequence of the film.



Scriptwritter | Editor


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