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Claudia Tomaz CV

Professional info


Claudia is an award winning filmmaker. Originally from Portugal, she lived in Lisbon, Bordeaux, Philadelphia, and London, before moving by the sea, in Sussex. Her work encompasses many different styles and genres. She often works in an experimental and poetic approach to images and sounds using film and art as healing. Claudia is also dedicated to use video as a tool for social change; her most recent projects are 'The soul journey', a film-meditation following her own life journey (in post-production), and prior to that, she created an activist feature documentary about the housing crisis in London called 'Give us space'.


Working in film since 1995, past work includes experimental films, music videos, AV live sets, documentaries and 2 full-length feature films [‘Nights’ won ‘The Critic’s week Award’ in 2000 at the Venice Film Festival]. After working within the film industry in Portugal for about 10 years in a number of functions, e.g. director's assistant, scriptwriter and editor (with directors: Paulo Rocha, José Alvaro de Morais and Pedro Costa), Claudia kept on making her own films searching for more independent and sustainable paths.

From 2003, Claudia took a new path, becoming a Shiatsu therapist. Her practice of Japanese healing arts develloped along the years and she studied other forms of energy medicine, continuing to work on film, although on a very different scale than her first films.

She founded Holon film Lab in 2006 where she devellops her films that she makes on her own and distributes online, also focusing on collaborations and creative education. In London she also worked as an editor and facilitated film & editing workshops at the V&A Museum and Space Studios.


Claudia works as a freelancer and collaborates with others, often making videos for campaigns, documenting gigs and events, live visuals & projections for shows (theater/dance/djs). Claudia works independently, in an ethical way, usually without a crew, filming and editing with her own professional HD equipment.












FINAL CUT 7 (video editing)



RESOLUME (VJ/live visuals)







English - fluent

Portuguese - original language

French - good understanding

Spanish - basic


2010 - present

2010 - present


Claudia's films as Director, Camera, Editor, Scriptwriter


Recent work


2016-2019 - THE SOUL JOURNEY feature documentary, meditation-film | info & trailer

2013-2014 - GIVE US SPACE feature documentary | website

2009-2011 - LONDON GROUND web series / experimental documentaries


Feature lengh films


2003 - NÓS | US 100 min, 35mm.  produced by Paulo Branco | Madragoa Filmes

2000 - NOITES | NIGHTS 73 min, 35mm. produced by Paulo Branco | Madragoa Filmes


Music videos


2012 - SCREAMING OUT LOUD, music video. Botchit&Scarper (record label), music: Backdraft

2010 – ALLERGIC, music video. Studio Rockers (record label), music: Jazzsteppa

2009 – FEEL ME, music video. Botchit&Scarper (record label), music: Flore & Shunda K


Middle/ Short lengh films and Experimental Documentary – since 1995


VIDEO MEDITATION 3:23, 2015. independent production

TIMELESS LAND 35 min, 2009. independent production

ONE LOVE 37 min, 2009. independent production

THE LIGHT SURGEONS 50 min, 2008. independent production

TRAVELOGUE 12 min, 2008. independent production

BALLAD OF TECHNOLOGICAL DEPENDENCY 33min, 2007. independent production

SUBLIMINAL – meditative video pieces 45min, 2006. independent production

SINGING SONGS 50 min 2006. independent production

SEARCHING FOR CHARACTER 25 min, 2001. Supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

DETOUR 50 min, 1997. Funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation   / Suma Filmes

ZÉNITH 6 min 1996.  independent production

CLEAR EYES 25 min 1995  Funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation / Suma Filmes

MEMORY 20 min 1995  final film school





2019 - Funding for the editing of the film The soul Journey, Film Institute in Portugal

2010 – ‘Feel me’ wins ‘war of films’ online contest at FilmAnnex, March edition

2003 – ‘Us’  wins BOCCALINO AWARD, Locarno Film Festival

2000 – ‘Nights’ wins CRITIC'S WEEK BEST FILM, Venice International Film Festival 

2000 – ‘Nights’ is NOMINATED FOR BEST FILM, Gijon Film Festival

1999 – ‘Detour’  wins BIG AWARD OF THE JURY,  VideoLisboa Film Festival

1998 – ‘Detour’ wins YOUNG CREATORS AWARD, Clube de Artes  e Ideias



International Residencies and Grants


2011 - Business Incubation programme at Ravensbourne College, London. European Regional Development Fund. The award consisted in free access to facilities, resources and cutting edge kit (computers, updated software, professional cameras), plus courses, conferences and networking events, for freelancer artists and new media creative business.

2005-2006 – Artist-in-residence at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Grant from Calouste Gulbenkian / Flad for: experimental Lab filmmaker's project, scriptwriting / research for feature film "Mobile' with professor Jeff Rush and Media Art Studies.

2005 - Script & Pitch Workshops - European advanced script-writing course. Grant from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Ica - Instituto de Cinema e audiovisual

1993-94 - studies in Film and Audio-visual at Michel Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France. Erasmus Fellowship.



Freelancer: editor | camera | scriptwriter | dir assistant


2015 - PETE THE TEMP and Jane Wild - Filmed and edited 5 music-videos-documentaries with activist poet and musician Pete the Temp, in Dalston Studios during the recording of new EP (release in August)

2007-15 - SUPERHOMES – short videos for SuperHomes website. Over 30 videos about green architecture, eco refurbishments and ways to reduce housing carbon footprint in at least 60%.  Position: Director, camera and editor (London, UK)

2014 - THE NEW VENUS: The New Woman - art event

2013-14 - THE DREAMS OF STOCKWELL - Community art project documentation

2011 - BOMBS OR DYING FOR A WEEK - videos for 3 theater performances by Susana Vidal and B Negativo Teatro - read more

2010 - DANCE FORMS, dance tutorial for dance software Dance Forms and a dance piece by choreographer Janet Randell, Walles.

Position: Shooting as part of a 3 cameras team (Camera, Sony Z-1)

2009 - FRAU, interdisciplinary performance integrating movement, live cameras and 3 video screens on stage. by Caroline Mueller / boXd production. filming and coordination between stage movement and multi-screens + pre-filmed / pre-edited video material and live cameras and video mentoring for dancers. Dance Residence at Dance4, Nottingham, UK

Position: Camera and Video Consultant

2009 - A SENSE OF PLACE, by Teresa Paiva.

Position: Workshop assistant & Editor (London)

2008 - EDGE, video dance, Pedro Pires.

Position: Camera and Editor. (London)

2007 - CHANGING THE WORLD ON VACATION, by Daniela Kon. feature documentary.

Position: Editor (London, UK)

2007 - PROMO VIDEO for FairTunes, a charity project providing music studios for people in impoverished communities - Colombia.

Position: Editor (London, UK)


Position: Advisor in the editing (Philadelphia, USA)




1999 / 2001 - DAR O CORPO AO MANIFESTO, Project coordinator and curator of workshops and film / video productions, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. I inviting 6 young film directors to take part of the project which proposed to defend, question and look for a place for independent film in a culture of mass media. Curation and coordination and filmmaker.

1999 - PEIXE-LUA by José Álvaro Morais. Feature/fiction. 1st director assistant during the preparation of the film. 6 months.

1998-99 - VANDA'S ROOM by Pedro Costa. Feature documentary.

Position: Director‘s assistant & Camera /sound for 8 months.

1997 - GOLDEN RIVER by Paulo Rocha. Feature/fiction.

Position: Scriptwriter, Editor and Director’s Creative assistant.


Position: Cinematographer, camera operator and editor.

1996 - RUA DO POçO DOS NEGROS by Paulo Rocha.

Position: Scriptwriter



Workshops as a film tutor

for course descriptions and students' comments see here


London, UK


2012 - Creative Editing - 6 weeks program at Space Studios, May/June

2012 - Digital filmmaking - 8 weeks program at V&A Museum

2012 - Creative Editing - 6 weeks program at Space Studios, April

2011 - 'Creative editing' at Space Studios, London, Hackney - September/October

2011 –‘Museum as film, make your own film trailer’. 2-day Workshop on Filmmaking and Editing - with Simon Woolham at V&A Museum (CreateLive, Sackler Centre) for adults, South Kensington,

2011 - Creative editing at Space Studios, London, Hackney - June/July

2011 –‘Museum as film, make your own film trailer’. 1-day Workshop with Simon Woolham at V&A Museum (CreateLive, Sackler Centre) for 13-19 years-old, South Kensington, 2nd February

2010 – ‘Introduction to video and production of a music video’ Module of the course ‘Introduction to music industry’ a hands-on music, business and video course for young people (13-19 years-old). Students produced their music tracks and made their music video, including filming, acting and editing. Employer: Ignite TV. At Leyton Youth Centre, London

2007-08 – ‘Film for children’, a hands-on 10 week workshop where children (7-12 years-old) made complete 4 min films (from idea, script, storyboard, locations, acting, shooting and editing). Employer: Cineclub, young filmmakers network. 2 classes at Jack Hunt Language School, Peterborough, UK


U.S.A and Portugal


2009 – ‘Micro-cinema’ – a one-day creative workshop on low-budget film making methods; I shared examples of my work, they responded with filming/sound&projections exercises.

At Caminhos do Cinema Português Film Festival, Coimbra, Portugal


2004-07 – CINEMA ATELIER - Claudia writes a monthly article/page for PREMIERE Magazine Portuguese edition as a filmmaker / teacher about different aspects of film making. also wrote several articles about film festivals


2006 – “Shoot and Edit on camera – 16mm” - film exercise with Temple University students, USA

2005 - Workshop “The inseparable triangle: director - actor - character“ - C.E.M, Lisbon

2005 - “Directing actors”, part of the annual Course on Film Directing, Restart, Lisbon

2005 - Masterclass “Long-Shots” presenting the film “Russian Ark” by Sokurov, Videoteca de Lisboa

2005 - Workshop “Documentary”, C.E.M, Lisbon

2004 - Workshop “Digital Cinema, transversal cinema - the cinema of the body ”, C.E.M, Lisbon

1997 - Workshop ‘Documentary and Politics’, for young people from Timor, Jornadas de Timor, Psicology University, Lisbon

Live visuals and projections gigs



On the road  vj set demo

Run-fly  vj set demo

Mutant paintings live at I'klectik art lab gallery

Housing crisis live visuals at Give us Space launch party with 52 commercial road band live

AV Jamm at Hotel Elephant

Exploding cinema (various venues)

Transient forms HD version live at Hackney Wicked Festival

Video Mapping workshop at OV London, Art of the moment Festival

VJ performance at Push and Play benefit party at Egg London

BYOB at Moving image art fair. Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank

Transient forms live painting and video performance at squatted cinema with live music

Education and Film Training



2014 - Introduction to Projection Mapping and AV Jamm with Resolume Arena - with Matt Black from Coldcut / Ninja Tune, and Pete ElasticEye, Matt Sharp. Hotel Elephant

2013 - Video Mapping workshop at OV London - The art of the moment Festival with Pete ElasticEye and Matt Sharp

2008 - Interdisciplinary and Technological Performance Arts Course at Gulbenkian Creativity and Artistic Creation Programme (10 week intensive course in Lisbon with tutors from Brooklyn College, NY)

2006 - Media Arts studies during the period of artist-in-residence at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.

Studied: 'Interactive narratives' | 'Physical Computing' | 'Neighborhood narratives'

2005 - “Script&Pitch Workshops - European advanced script-writing course“, supported by MEDIA Plus Program. A 8 month course for 16 selected European scriptwritters/director with 3 intensive workshops in Italy, Finland and France.

2005 - Software course on “Dreamweaver” , Pavilhão do Conhecimento de Lisboa

2004 - Masterclass of Cinematography with: Ed Lachman, Il Sung Jung, Walter Carvalho and Caroline Champetier, International Film Festival of Jeonju, South Korea

2000 - Image Workshop with Rui Poças and Sound Workshop with Vasco Pimentel, on the experimental project "Give this manifest a body", Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

1998 - AVID editing internership with Pedro Ribeiro, during the editing of the film “Quando Troveja” by M. Mozos.

1996 - 3D Animation Workshop for dance and movement: “Digitalizando o corpo electrónico“. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Encounters Acarte. direction: Yacov Sharir.

1993-94 - film studies with Erasmus Grant, Michel Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France

1992-93 - Professional technical course for camera operators, sound and film editing, supported by EU. Textimédia Produções

1991-95 - Graduated in Sciences of Communication and Film, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal



Other Learning

2018 - Jikiden Reiki, Shoden (level 1). 2 days course with Rika Tanaka, London

2018 - Jikiden Reiki, Okuden (level 2). 2 days course with Tadao Yamaguchi, London

2017 - Seiki, Shamanic Shiatsu, 2 days workshop with Alice Whieldon, Norwich

2015 - Jin Shin Jyutsu, 1 day workshop, book 2, with Cheli Mula, at Health in the city, London

2015 - Permacultyre Design Course (PDC) with Aranya, at Landmatters, Devon

2014 - Zen Shiatsu at Ki Kai School, Morley College, 6 classes of year 2.

2014 - Domestic Energy Assessor course (about energy efficency in houses), at Manor House Pact

2014 - Stencil and spray painting workshop with Morganico

2013 - Screen Printing workshop at Rochester Square Nomad Community

2013 - Introduction to Permaculture at Dial House with Graham Burnett

2003 - Shiatsu Course at Japanese Shiatsu School of Lisbon with Dr. Mitsuharu Tsuchiya


Online Courses:

Living in the Gift - a learning journey with Charles Eiseinstein

Quest 2019 - a journey with Jeffrey Davis / Tracking Wonder

Belonging - Encounters, intimate conversations on belonging - 7 weeks with Toko-Pa and guests

Healing trauma through the body - with Michael Stone and Molly Boeder Harris

Healing chronic illness the Feminine way - Women’s Wellness Circle - interviews and meditations hosted by Sophie Jane Mortimer and Frances Goodall

Feminine Awakening Series - 7 live webinars with Claire Dubois (Tree Sisters) and guests

Masculinity: a new story - 12 weeks online course with Charles Eiseinstein.

The space between stories - 6 week online course with Charles Eiseinstein


Other Workshops:


I participated in Buddhist / meditation retreats and many workshops to learn tools for life, these include: community building, co-operatives, alternative economies, social and environmental justice, trauma, healing, resilience; such as: Gift circle. Healing and wellbeing for activists. The Commons workshop. The Way of council. Transition Totnes tour. Spiritual Ecology and Transition Network events.


Some of the people that has deeply inspired me recently are Charles Eiseinstein, Joanna Macy, Looby Macnamara, Rob Hopkins, Mark Boyle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Dang Nghiem, Kaypacha, film maker Ian Mackenzie, to name just a few, plus many friends and people who have been crossing my paths in surprising and unexpected ways who inspire me and give me strength to continue believing that a better and more beautiful world is possible!

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