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Program for the 7 sessions

Session 1

Leaving the ordinary world. In this introduction session we will explore ways of slow travelling, the archetype of the Wanderer, walking without maps, Soul, thresholds, grief and uncertainty. Claudia will also share a brief version of her soul journey and introduce the course and practices

Session 2

Leaping into the Unknown. You will initiate your journey with a self-ceremony. And we will explore an overview of possible road maps of an Hero/ine's journey, the descent of the Soul, and other mythical quests. We want to journey in a straigth line but the soul takes us through a tapestry of spirals.

Session 3

Going into the dark forest. Here we will travel into the past and the 4 directions to go deep into ourselves. In the forest you will need to make a life inventory and draw maps of your story and map the river of your soul. We will explore wounds and darkness, while introducing psyche, shadow and trauma.

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Session 4

The road of trials. Now you find yourself in the depths of the labyrinth. This is unavoidable and an important step of the journey. It is time to clear the soul and whatever is obstructing your path. This can be a long road, we will be gentle. This session includes ceremony and a Group healing

Session 5

Trusting the Knowing. Here you find yourself on the edge of transformation. Although you are unsure. While your being undergoes metamorphosis, you will learn that journeying and dream work can guide you, but you must learn to trust the knowing and follow the wisdom and intuition

Session 6

Restoring balance. Here you travel within and explore the balance between the masculine and feminine within you and in the world. Planting the garden of the soul and becoming an Earth guardian are ways for healing and retrieving the muted feminine. You will practice to map your body for balance

Session 7

Returning and giving the gift. In this last part of the journey you digest and integrate what you learned and found on the Way. What gifts did you find? What is yours to give? What does the world need? Here we travel in stillness, grounding, digesting, integrating. We remain in the center of the circle.


In this new 7-week online course

Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • Experience an unique opportunity to learn from Claudia (Cloud hands Essence maker is her true name). Get inspired and take a deep dive into this carefully crafted journey, through teachings, guided practices and introspective exercises. Be held by her precise but gentle guidance, to discover and connect to the essence of your own soul. Be prepared to go deep!

  • Receive 1 session every Monday with audio recordings, teachings, videos, experiencial exercises, creative practices and more. As in any journey we might take detours or go off the map at times, surprises are possible!

  • Receive exclusive excerpts of Claudia's film-meditation The Soul Journey.

  • Receive readings of Claudia's books 'Travelling like clouds, the art of being present' (2020) and 'The depths of Stillness' (2021), as inspiration from her direct experiences through her own soul journey

  • Receive one group healing session (on session 4)

  • Receive comments and support from Claudia who will hold the space at The healing Circle private group

  • Join with other fellow travellers at the The healing Circle to share your practices and meet each other

  • Optional individual mentorship and healing sessions available (not included in the price of the course)


  • All 7 sessions are pre-recorded

  • Take the course at your own pace

  • Allow time in between sessions to dive into the content and practices (aim to carve at least 3 hours a week, more if possible)

  • Please make sure that you can commit to all sessions

  • Access all content for 6 months in private log in page

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