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Group Distant Healing

We gather together, in circle

for the healing of ourselves,

the planet and the future.









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About this session:


With trauma, stress and burnout the body is reacting in fight or flight or freeze mode and the adrenal glands will produce too much cortisol. This has an effect on the entire body and nervous system, keeping you in a constant state of anxiety, emergency and survival, with strained nerves, nervous stress and stiffiness in the body, with many illnesses resulting from that. The Kidney meridian, in chinese medicine and shiatsu, nourishes and protects our Life Essence; it is the meridian related with winter and immunity, while it also works in cooperation with the adrenals governing resistance against mental stress by controling hormone secretion, cortisol and purifying the blood. Impatience, restlessness, fear and fatigue are signs of an imbalance of the kidney meridian. This is why I will work on both  to bring more balance. The Adrenal Reset aims to restore the original rhythm of the adrenals so they do not over-produce cortisol and adrenaline and your nervous system is less over charged, less restless and oversensitive. Usually after this treatment people feel calmer, yet with more vital energy.



 group healing 



 Adrenal Reset 
& Kidney strength 

 Sunday 17th October 5pm 

 Cost: £20 

register until Friday 15th October







 group healing 

TRAUMA series #2

 Release anxiety 

 & sleep issues 


 Sunday 31st October 

 5pm (UK time) 

 register by Friday 29th 

 Cost: £20 

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Anxiety and sleep disorders are often a symptom of trauma and chronic stress. When the nervous system has been highjacked it is indeed very difficult to rest; it is like our minds and bodies are constantly restless, over reactive and in a state of emergency. In this session we will work on calming the nervous system and overthinking patterns that keep you awake at night, so you are able to rest more deeply to have a more restful sleep and peaceful days.


 in these sessions I will work 

 in-depth on the healing 

 of particular issues related with  trauma, depression & anxiety 

TRAUMA series

for trauma,
depression & anxiety

Sundays 5pm (UK time)


Adrenal Reset & Kidney strength

Sunday 17th October 5pm

Release anxiety & sleep issues

Sunday 31st October 5pm


Calming the Vagus Nerve

Sunday 14th November 5pm

Balancing the Thyroid and endocrine system

Sunday 28th November 5pm

cost: £20 per session

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 12.33.17.png


I will use tuning forks / biofield tuning in this treatment.

If you are currently pregnant, having cancer

or have a pacemaker, this particular session

is Not recommended.


If you have very complex or very specific conditions,

this session will still be benefitial

but individual sessions would be recommended.


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I am experiencing physical pain
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Thank you for joining me in this session!




Trauma series treatments

group session

cost: £20 per session

 Individual sessions are available to book here




"I felt very deeply immersed from the start. The energy was very very powerful and profound for me. There was a deep heat on my left side mainly. I felt you, here, very strongly. There was so much light and energy at work. It's very hard to put into words.

I'm very in transition right now and the healing circle really

helped bring some things into focus."

(Caroline, UK)

"The healing was excellent! At the beginning I could calm down easily and then I was very calm. After 20 minutes or so I felt more in my belly area and releasing happened there. Beautiful!!!"

(Christine, Switzerland)​

"The first thirty minutes were a deep dive into a quiet dream-like state. There were old stories of dragon presence that kept circulating in this state. The next thirty minutes passed in a state of somatic release (tremoring) and stretching. Then three minutes before the hour, all settled and I came back into consciousness. Boom. Thanks for your generous offerings!

I so appreciate your skill and practice."

(Sharon, Canada)

"Thank you so much for the healing. I have had some big shift. The last few days I have reconnected, grieved what was needed and have come through with clarity and deeper connection to myself."

(Sophie, UK)


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