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Paintings & Collage

Compillation of some works created during the course

The focus of Art and Soul, online course (2021) was in exploring our images through the entwining of expressive arts, soulcraft practices, and embodied dialogs with the land and wild others. Our art processes included: painting, collage work, group and self-designed ceremony, the art of Council, symbolic art work, art with the land, focused wandering in nature, soul centric dream work, deep imagery, and body movement. Artistic process can free us from the conceptual mind and purposeful logic, opening the doorway to nonordinary perceptual experience and the depths of psyche. 

The following pages are fragments, images, questions, that emerged for me through these immersive eco-psychology processes and soul centric art therapy allowing me to work with mystery for soul descent.

Portrait of the Soul-next steps.jpg
dream'Rest the head'-1.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 17.40.18.png
Cliffs Wander-03.png
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