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new mixes from the lockdown


Dj set following some consciousness rising! Electronica and Drum'n'bass.

Starting with (1) The Orb 'Into the 4th dimension', (2) Ed Rush & Optical ''Point Blank' from Wormhole album, and then some lovely new tunes from the labels High Praise, M Ocean and MiOhMi records, with some wicked drum'n'bass and some good vibes. (3) 'Mind's Eye' by Hugo Mari (ft Zodiac), (4) My people by Partner Music, (5) Paper Planes by Tom O'Hoolihan, (6) Know my name, Shutdown, (7) Duoscience 'Morphosis', (8) Better off, Love RMX, (9) I Believe, Backdraft RMX! Half vynil, half digital.

A dj set of vinyl only, recorded in one take. About the African spirit, the struggles and resistance movements across history, evoking fights for Freedom - quoting a cover album of 'Rhythm of resistance' (black music in South Africa) - 'yet nothing is aggressive in this music. A contracdition? No, because resistance is more than the fight itself. It is also about staying human in the face of inhumanity'.

This mix includes: 'Man kind' Misty in Roots . 'Police & Thieves' Junior Murvin. 'Dub to Africa' Prince Fari & The Arabs. 'African world wide' Dillinger. 'Five nights of bleeding' Poet and the Roots. 'Crisis' Bob Marley & The Wailers. 'Stand up Dub' The bush chemists. 'Off the beaten track' African Head Charge. 'Namibia' / The Wind of Change. 'U Mama Uyajabula' Music of black South Africa. 'Black is' The Last Poets. 'Let's all unite' Hugh Mundell/Augustus Pablo.

An up-beat mix of electronica, drum'n'bass, break beat and dubstep, somehow inspired by the lockdown. Artists include The Chemical Brothers, Coldcut (Stop this crazy thing), The Dram Club (Everything is Now), Logic and Raf (Soul intention), Document One, Freq Nasty (Sub Conscious), Orange Kush, Stone Drive (Visions & Prophecies), David Sylvian (single cell organisms), Leftfield, Digital Mystic, Martyn and Kode 9.

A laid-back mix of dreamy slow drum'n'bass reflecting some deep emotions of the full moon in scorpio, the effects of social distancing, the sun shine, light, darkness, love and beauty. Artists include MinX, Additives & Preservatives Ft Yolanda, K-i, Talvin Singh, T-Power, Alex Martins, Einstürzende Neubauten, Alex Reece, Photek, Monkey Mafia, Sound System Players, Leftfield, Massive Attack, Thom Yorke and The Aloof.

Some dub and eletronic classics to uplift the lockdown, such as 'Take it easy', and 'Where is your head at'! Put on your dancing shoes and join the dance from your living room.

Re-discovering my jazz and blues records. This is a live recording on vinyl. It includes my favourite Miss Nina Simone, the soothing sounds of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, reminding me of New York, Professor Longhair with some New Orleans house party grooves, Jimmy Yancey with old blues piano, Little Walter 'I am all right', some traveller's songs by Mississippi John Hurt from 1928 sessions and Woody Guthrie, telling the journey of the Dust Bowl refugees, the music from the South, with harmonica and banjo, to end with Gospels, Nina Simone again and Ray Charles. Enjoy!

Ambient. Soft.

Sound healing.

Song. World.

An ambient calming journey of downtempo and ambient electronica that I created for Shiatsu treatments and relaxation. Track list: Cloud Sanctuary by PureMusic. Sound of Invisible Waters by Deuter. Suaimhneas by Ceilidh. Tantra Loom by Advaitas. Come tenderness by Lisa Gerrard. Underbart by The 2 inversions. Folding space by tunnel at the end of the light. Revitalize Your Soul by Allay. Infinite Folding Being by Marc Royal. 天球の音楽 by Marc Royal. Connected by Manu Zain.Vast Changes by Regentum.

This is a healing mix I made for Shiatsu treatments, using Japanese flutes and other healing sounds for deep relaxation. It includes sea waves, Shakuhachi (Japanese flute meditation), Hang Massive, Tibetan singing bowls and Sainkho Namtchylak.

'The Wanderer brings healers' songs' is a world wide journey through world music, healing sounds and medicine songs, including music from Mongolia, the Tuareg nomad people, Armenian duduk music, the Medicine-Buddha Mantra sang by Deva Che, a journey to India, Tibetan flute, monks singing, Native American healers' songs and Australian sound healer, Suntara. I made this compilation for Shiatsu treatments, it can also be enjoyed for meditation and healing.

A mix of whispers, beats, melodies languages from around the World bringing connection with the Earth. This musical journey starts slow with a beautiful song called 'Whispers' by Ayla Nereo. It slowly goes up beat until it gets to some chaos near the end, bringing up edgy emotions for a planet in collapse, ends with some earth healing with an a cappella song for 'Pachamama'. Music by: Ayla Nero, Forndom, Huun-Huur Tu, Aagya, Vatican Shadow, Systema Solar (Inddio Guerrero), Plantrae (Enter the Seed), Sahalé, Kurup, Broken Open, Unders, Zohastre, Beautiful Chorus.

A very calming music journey, focused on releasing and embracing. This mix is inspired by the I Ching hexagram 'The Receptive' - "This hexagram, consisting of all yin lines, represents a power of the feminine principle. Opening up to receive what you attract should be your primary concern. Take your time. Draw strength from carefulness. Focus more on feeling than on action." Music: Beautiful Chorus (I release), Toumani Diabaté, Masayoshi Fugita (Story of forest), Haruomi Hosono, Os tincoãs (Deixa a gira girar), Nomade Orquestra, Mark Pritchard (Beautiful people), Zero Cult, Yagya (Crepuscular Rays over the horizon), Masayoshi Fujita (Cloud), The future sound of London (Source of uncertainty)

A musical journey, this time through female voices. Featuring women song writers in diverse soundscapes from acoustic, electronic, trip-hop, punk and shaman songs. Expanding on women's experiences, emotions, feelings, sensitivity and power. The lover, the shaman, the warrior, the healer... and her many shades, depths, and voices. With Boe Huntress, Bjork, Hope Sandoval, Julee Cruise, Yumi and the Weather, Mindset, Llasa, Portished, Massive Attack, Siouxsie, Poison Girls, Lydia Lunch, Sainkho Namtchylak.

A soundtrack of my life and mind at the moment as I move, travel and embrace the spirit of movement, songs of motion by Laurie Anderson, Poison Girls, Sages commes des sauvages, Woody Guthrie, Bod Dylan and more.

A mix of songs and spoken word, around themes of homes, being a nomad, traveler and a refugee. Includes some punk, real life spoken word, travelers stories and songs of moving and shifting, rare recordings of an interview with Woody Guthrie (1940) about the dust bowl refugees and 4 tunes from 'Artists in Action' compilations to support the Syrian refugees in the camps.

S. had Alzheimer's, her short term memory was very short, but she could remember entire lyrics from songs from the 60's and 70's so I started building a playlist with her, using spotify and a bluetooth speaker; I became her personal dj. I would try out things, artists, songs; when she would start singing, I would save the song into our playlist. It was wonderful to see her becoming alive and connected. Although I had researched about brain, memory, Alzheimer's and music, her personal relation with music and her capacity to sing (well and in tune) started a new journey and we would sing along. This is a selection of some of our favourite songs and a way to remember her; let the melodies resonate across the universe!

Dance music. Electronic. Bass. Drum'n'bass. Dub

Rediscovering some old cutting edge experimental Drum'n'Bass tunes from the 90's and mixing it up with some new stuff. Mix starts off with some electro though, an irresistable tune shown to me by a kool algorithm - 'Pleasure Seeker' by Elektrochemie - setting the stage for some dance tunes of some favourites at Emotif like Elementz of Noise, T-Power and Freq Nasty. Music: Elektrochemie (Pleasure Seeker), Noisia, Elementz of Noise (Planet), Elementz of Noise (Psyche), Audio State (Russian Roulette), Freq Nasty (The Shadow), T-Power (33rd parallel), Amoss, Elementz of Noise (Somewhere Else), Burial (Young death)

This mix is a result of a long research of uprising songs and sounds. It's 'Action time! positive action is necessary' Feel the beats, listen to the words and dance! Mixing vinyl and digital. Underground Resistance, Astralasia, Backdraft, Backdraft ft. Lenki, Dub Gabriel ft Spaceape and more.

A deep introspective sub sonic trip. Recorded this live mix before my journey to Jamaica in April 2009. Star Trek mixed with FMS, Future Sound of London, Sidestepper, Dust, Smokin Japanese Babe and more.

Heatwave mix, with super-moons, sunrises and summer parties! Space/KLF, Chill out, Meek, Depth Charge, Sabreces and more.

Part 2 of rEvolution mix, chilled tunes, songs of union and revolution, dub and punk classics, sounds and words for change! The Specials, Jerry Dammers ft Hypnotic Brass Orchestra and Spaceape live at 'Love Music, Hate Racism' Victoria Park, London 2008, Hugh Mundell/Augustus Pablo, Junior Murvin, The Moody Boyz and more.

Get ready to dance! Dubbing dub wise! Live mix recorded in the Summer 2009. Lost my track list, just enjoy the music... Definitely Zion Train, The Scientist, Ruts d.c. vs. mad professor, Dub Syndicate, Clash are in it!

Fluffy clouds, children's stories, ambient dub, drum and bass and dubstep in a very special dream land mix which I did for a lovely afternoon with friends and their kids in my house, when they came to see my paintings/projections. The Orb, What Is Love, Ruppert's story, Walking In The Air, The Jungle Book and more.

A mix/compilation of Full Moon Scientist using unreleased gems and remixes + songs released at Botchit&Scarper and Hard Hands. This is a live mix recorded in Feb 2009. Full Moon Scientist combine dub, breaks, d'n'b, ambient and sampledelica. Albums include 'The Men in White Coats' (Hard Hands) and 'Do We Look Like Comedians?' released at Botchit and Scarper. All tracks by Full Moon Scientist.

As a creative mind I express myself in many ways. Music and Djing is a fun activity, I am a home-dj, I enjoy the process of  finding, selecting tunes and  creating mixes, and Dance! It's a sort of emotional landscapes, a film without images - from dance music, eletronica, drum'n'bass, world music, dub, jazz to the medicine of healing sounds, I love it all, music has no borders. Please listen to some old mixes (since 2009), and recent Dj Sets done since the lockdown! 


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