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Research, Workshops and Courses


As a curious mind, I am constantly learning and have many interests. I am a student of everything!


I am interested in studying about deep and spiritual ecology, activism, earth connection, sacred feminine and masculine, soulful relationships, soulcraft, eco-psychology, herbal medicine, shadow work, circles of trust, resilience, belonging, authenticity, healing therapies, trauma, meditation, permaculture and more. My studies are not academic or simply theoretical, they help me live a more full life. I put them to practice as I walk my talk.


















In London, I participated in many workshops and events, related with: community building, anarchy, co-operatives, activism, alternative economies, horizontal democracy, social and environmental justice, ecology, meditation, resilience; such as: Gift circle. Healing and well being for activists. Mindfulness and Social change. The Commons workshop. The Way of council. Transition Totnes tour. Spiritual Ecology and Transition Network events.

I learn a lot through books and and listen to many webinars, talks, podcasts and videos.

ISince 2015 I often participate in online courses such as:

Sound healing Alchemy / Biofield tuning - with Eileen Mckusik

Meditations for Challenging times - 10 days with Michael Beckwith

Mindfulness Trainings / Online Retreat - 5 days with Thich Nhat Hahn & Plum Village community for Engaged Buddhism

Collective Trauma Summit - hosted by Thomas Hübl

Mystic Cafe - ongoing meditation & trauma studies with Thomas Hübl (since 2019)

Sound healing Summits - The Shift Network

Shamanic Summits - The Shift Network

Evolutionary Empaths - The Shift Network

Energy Medicine Summit - The Shift Network

Ancestral Healing Summit - The Shift Network

Living in the Gift - a 3 months learning journey with Charles Eiseinstein

Quest 2019 - a journey with Jeffrey Davis / Tracking Wonder

Belonging - Encounters, intimate conversations on belonging - 7 weeks with Toko-Pa and guests

Healing trauma through the body - with Michael Stone and Molly Boeder Harris

Healing chronic illness the Feminine way - Women’s Wellness Circle - interviews and meditations hosted by Sophie Jane Mortimer and Frances Goodall

Feminine Awakening Series - 7 live webinars with Claire Dubois (Tree Sisters) and guests

Masculinity: a new story - 12 weeks online course with Charles Eiseinstein.

The space between stories - 6 week online course with Charles Eiseinstein















with time this page might become a shared resource page to share some of my sources of inspiration. for now sharing some links for websites of people who inspire me.

Some of the people who inspire me: Charles Eiseinstein, Joanna MacyBill Plotkin, Looby Macnamara, Aranya, Rob Hopkins, Mark Boyle, Lissa Rankin, Sabine Lichtenfels, Dieter Duhm, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Dang Nghiem, Kaypacha, film maker Ian Mackenzie, to name just a few, who inspire me and give me strength to continue believing that a better and more beautiful world is possible!




















other mix bag courses I did

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Aranya, at Landmatters, Devon. Zen-Shiatsu at Ki Kai School, Morley College. Being intimate with all things - engaged buddhist 7 days silent retreat. 2 triratna buddhist retreats. Domestic Energy Assessor course (about energy efficency in houses), at Manor House Pact. Stencil and spray painting workshop with artist Morganico. Screen Printing workshop at Rochester Square squat. Introduction to Permaculture at Dial House with Graham Burnett. Shiatsu Course at Japanese Shiatsu School of Lisbon with Dr. Mitsuharu Tsuchiya.   Introduction to Projection Mapping and AV Jamm with Resolume Arena - with Matt Black from Coldcut / Ninja Tune, and Pete ElasticEye, Matt Sharp, at Hotel Elephant.  Interdisciplinary and Technological Performance Arts Course at Gulbenkian Creativity and Artistic Creation Programme (10 week intensive course in Lisbon with tutors from Brooklyn College, NY). Media Arts studies during the period of artist-in-residence at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Studied: 'Interactive narratives' | 'Physical Computing' | 'Neighborhood narratives'. Artist Resiency with Gulbenkian Grant at Temple University, Philadelphia. Script&Pitch Workshops - European advanced script-writing course, supported by MEDIA Plus Program (8 month course for 16 selected European scriptwritters/director with 3 intensive workshops in Italy, Finland and France). Masterclasses of Cinematography with: Ed Lachman, Il Sung Jung, Walter Carvalho and Caroline Champetier, International Film Festival of Jeonju, South Korea. Graduated in Sciences of Communication and Film, in 1995, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

film by Ian MacKenzie with Stephen Jenkinson / Orphan Wisdom

meditation by Claire Dubois / Tree Sisters

talk by Michael Stone / Awake in the world podcast

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