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The programs can be tailored to suit a group / place or as one-to-one sessions

- if interested or can host a workshop please email me -


21 & 22 March - 1:30 - 5pm

Evolution Arts, Brighton

In times where we use touch screens and interact with others through screens and texts, what does it mean to touch? This workshop focus on the importance of healing touch, for self-healing and for the healing of others.


This 2 days workshop is an experiencial and embodied practice of touch, exploring trust in a safe healing space. With a background in Shiatsu, Claudia will facilitate gentle healing exercises, energy awareness practices, meditations and self-massage, as well as some pair and group work. We will practice to listen to our own body and to touch another through the gentle power of healing touch.


The workshop will be mainly practical, literally hands-on, offering tools to help us navigate a world in need of balance, connection and harmony. No experience is necessary.


This workshop of 6 day long sessions  is an introduction to practical Shiatsu, including self-Shiatsu and healing arts for self-care. The sessions will include a short meditation, Qi Gong and Taoist exercises as a warming up and preparation for massage exercises. There will be Shiatsu demonstrations, posture exercises, breathing, healing touch and energy awareness practice.

The workshop will introduce body maps (to show meridians and pressure points) and some concepts of Eastern philosophy that are key for Shiatsu practice and can be used in our daily lives, 'in a world in need of balance and harmony'.


In this retreat in Nature or small groups sessions, we will slow down, listen, be quiet and explore the relationship between eye, photography, body, feeling, emotion, movement and expression. We are Nature. What does it mean to be Nature? To be with or in Nature? Can we embody Nature?


We will explore Nature as medicine and find new and ancient ways to connect more deeply with the natural world. Through developing our presence and relation with trees, stones, the elements, we will use breathing, walking, meditation, and tai chi as practices for looking deeply, around and within.


I would like to offer group or individual sessions for professional carers or anyone caring for a family member. Using meditation, art, self-massage, journaling and mindfulness exercises, we will relax and create space for the caregiver. We will also look into the difficulties, demands and blessings of caring for someone who is ill or dying.

The work can be draining and overwhelming, and might cause many health and emotional issues for the caregiver (e.g. depression, sleeping issues, adrenal fatigue, physical pain, trauma).

This is a space for self-protection, to recharge one's energy and learn practical skills to deal with exhaustion, strong emotions, responsibility, boundaries, how to manage stress and create space for the caregiver.


Due to the isolation and tiredness sometimes is difficult for the carer to reach out. The journey can be long and to feel seen and supported is important.


In our culture Death is often a difficult subject to talk about, however we all experienced the loss of a loved one or might have been a companion to help someone passing. And we will die one day. How can we die well?


The fear of Death or the loneliness after losing someone close can be very painful. In this group or individual sessions we will explore death and grieving through Art.


I will guide and support the group / individuals, while sharing personal experiences, relevant films / books excerpts or Art pieces to explore the energy of Death. I will also bring some inspiration and perspective, through traditions and rituals from other cultures to help us understand this natural transition of the Life cycles.


Participants will have the opportunity to do short meditations and creative exercises to reflect on life and death and help cope with loss and grief.


The Art of grieving aims to bring healing by sharing our stories in an authentic and supported way; we will honour our deep emotions with care and compassion and we will embrace our beloved ones through music, film, photography, poetry and storytelling or even create a memory book for a loved one.