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art, painting, mixed media, lightbox, projections, performance

MUTANT PAINTINGS are tiny handmade paintings mounted into slide mounts; they move and have a life of their own! they are then manipulated and projected using manual slide projectors and they keep changing forming new images each time they are projected. Until they dry, forming a landscape created through Time.

I paint and film the projections to create live performances: Transient Forms. Watch video documentation of the live performances. I also use the art work to create custom made Light boxes to sell. See images bellow and the video of the process.

to book a show or order a custom made lightbox please contact

TRANSIENT FORMS is a live performance using my mutant paintings. I started doing these paintings and projections in early 90s but only in 2010 I started creating live painting performances. I invite musicians and artists to jam and collaborate; I paint live and use slide/video projections, live cameras and multiple screens to create a magical experience. More recently I also created a new computer based version.

LIGHT BOXES. When mutant paintings dry, they create a new landscape. Claudia uses the artwork and mutates it once more. She designed energy-efficient light boxes.

'I have been working on the making of light boxes with frame maker Zoe Robson. They are completely handmade and we are using energy-efficient lighting, meaning LED technology. For each light box we use 2-3 flat strips of lights, each strip uses only 0.8W. So far we've done 3 light boxes, A3 format with black wooden frame.

Light boxes are custom made upon request so clients can choose their painting. available for sale directly from the artist

TO BUY a light box please email

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