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My live visuals are often delicate, using Nature themes, creating loops as painting moving images. I also use documentary footage to bring in social issues into a dance floor. In London, I created visuals for Djs and bands, in squats, galleries and clubs. Go here to WATCH some of the video documentation. To BOOK a performance email me.


TRANSIENT FORMS is a live performance using my Mutant paintings. The performance can take many shapes, the visuals are tiny moving paintings that I manipulate and project using slide and video projections. I did pure analogue performances where I was painting live, as well as computer based performances. Bellow there is some documentation of these mysterious and beautiful performances in London, with live music collaborations.


To BOOK a performance or to BUY a custom made lightbox or printed painting please email me.

This is a short demo of the 40 min gig of Transient Forms HD version, with Audio Dependent aka Tim Cowie (Light Surgeons) playing his modular synths live at AVTV at the Hackney Wicked Festival 2013.


Thanks to Malcolm for filming the gig with my tiny camera. I did the visuals live with fresh paintings painted/projected/filmed specially for this gig! this was the first time I did 'Transient Forms' performance all on computer and HD. Check this blog post for work-in-progress pics and listen to Tim's music here

A video about the lives and forms of my mysterious Mutant Paintings. they keep on moving and transforming. I paint, use live cameras, slide and video projectors, plus other offline and live manipulations. With the final artwork I create light-boxes.


The first live-painting performance of Transient Forms took place in May 2010 at VHS basement when squatting the Carlton Cinema in London.

Paintings and video: Claudia Tomaz
music: VHS basement


For 10 weeks I attended a course in Interactive Performance - The Lisbon Interdisciplinary and Technological Performance Arts Course (ITPA) - at Gulbenkian Foundation with tutors from the postgraduate program in Performance and Interactive Media Arts of the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. It was an intensive full-time experience in performance, interdisciplinary collaboration, and interactive media technology. Historical and theoretical study of improvisation, performance, and collaboration in the performing arts was also an important component of the program. Eleven artists from all disciplines came together to realize a total of 5 performances per group. The final performance was presented to the public at the Center of Modern Art on the 23rd August 2008.

My great interest and research was related with the set-up and interaction of performance with moving image, in particular the use of multi-screens. Mirrors, glasses, projections, software, acting, lighting, movement, space, was all part of the experiments. In that context I did a research project about The Light Surgeons a favourite multi-media artists' collective based in London. That research included a video-interview with Chris Allen in collaboration with Kevin Walsh and Sérgio Cruz.

Collective Show at Centre of Modern Art, Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, 2008

Cláudia Tomaz, Tiago Dionísio, Carlos Oliveira. Video editing Claudia Tomaz.

"You spell it ME-YOU-IT, all together, as a new word, because the result is more than its parts. The building up of this piece is based on metamorphosis. We started with an object, a glass that becomes a mirror and broken mirrors that become projection surfaces. Then we got inspired by ‘The invention of Morel’ written by Casares, a friend of Borges, ‘Alice through the looking glass’ and cyborgs and clowns and music! and little by little characters and events started to take place. Over 2 weeks we developed this… thing… this IT. We presented it as a work in progress, unfinished as any transformation process."

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