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Welcome to the Healing Circle 

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the day of the treatment

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Group Distant Healing

(check your time zone)

We gather together, in circle

for the healing of ourselves, the planet and the future.

During the session

We are not online,

no technology is involved,

we meet energetically, you will feel it!

The session is 1 hour.

Prepare a peaceful space,

put some soft music, and arrive 10 minutes earlier for a strong group field.

 Lay down or sit confortably

close your eyes and tune in with yourself,

make yourself available to Receive the healing.


Make sure you stay hydrated,

have water near you.

Although the process is gentle,

the healing is very deep,

do Not drive during the session,

you might feel very sleepy.

Sometimes a treatment might take up to

24 / 48 hr to complete.

In some cases you might feel a detox effect, which may bring some discomfort for a couple of days, this is a natural part of the healing process.


Allow for extra rest after the treatment,

until the body adjusts and you start feeling the benefits and shifts.


Be gentle with yourself!

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