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work in progress


a film-meditation in search of new paths

Because words are not enough, I took on this road, ‘travelling as a means to meditate’, embodying the space in between. My soul journey is being essential to put things into perspective, to integrate and embody values and ideas, to let a New Story emerge.


I make this film-meditation, while living in the woods, a daily practice of being with Nature. I look back into my personal life and the Life happening around me, in London, in the world, in the planet, over a period of 10 years. Through filming and editing, I am present, I select pieces of life and films, video footage, photographs, texts, I bring it all together, at this time and place, finding new connections, new insights, not only into my own life, but also into Life itself, Death, Nature, and Art.

Work-in-progress Status: in production / editing

I am making this film as a Gift Economy project, to donate for the film go here


texts, photos and updates at Holon Blog

a documentary project about the Earth. Spiritual Ecology, Climate change, sacred activism and the Ecology of the heart

This is a theme I have been interested and following closely for quite some time; it touches me deeply. I would like to interview many inspiring people in this field. I have been reading their books, participating in online courses and webinars, listening to talks and attending events and would like to bring people and ideas together to inspire many in creating a more beautiful world in connection with the Earth and our Hearts. The film would be a intertwine of poetic imagery looking deeply at Nature movements and changes, and a series of interviews with some of the world inspiring voices of this movement, such as Joanna Macy, Charles Eiseinstein, Bill Plotkin, Tree Sisters, Earth Guardians, Dakota people, Xiuhtezcati Martinez, Lissa Rankin, Ian Mackenzie, Tamera community/Ecology Institute/Terra Deva and Terra Nova movement, EcoDharma community and others.

Working-progress Status: Research

OPEN CALL - producer / fundraiser

this is a massive project, it needs funding, resources and a small team. if you can help email me

Earth connection

The energy of the Spiral

a documentary about the nomadic techno rave pioneer group The Spiral Tribe and their current projects

Following my passion for electronic music, underground culture and nomadic life, I encountered Spiral Tribe to prepare a documentary. I lived in a caravan in their place in South of France for a few weeks. 25 years down the road Tribe members keep on spreading the energy of the Spiral into new projects. They continue making original music and doing parties around Europe with SP23. With Artists in Action they are on the front line helping the refugees in the camps, volunteering and making the food (funding their action by creating music compilations that they sell on donation). Dharma Techno is another of the projects that I am particularly interested in: silent meditation retreats that end with a new opening to sound, music and movement.

Work-in-progress Status: after a period of filming, I edited a first version of the documentary, hoping to film more interviews, a Dharma Techno retreat and AiA in Calais. Sadly, for various reasons, this project remains unfinished and in stand by.

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