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- filmmaking, editing and media arts -

CREATIVE EDITING, at Space Studios

I gave this course 5 times between 2011 and 2012 at Space Studios, London. This hands-on creative and technical 6-sessions course uses Final Cut Pro 7 to explore the Art and Craft of Editing.


Editing exercises are the core of the course and will take place in each session; this will allow you to be creative while exploring editing craft and learning FCP skills. In the first 2 sessions, editing exercises use excerpts of films (documentary and fiction) to explore editing practices and make you at ease with the software; In the following classes (4 sessions) each participant creates/edit a short film out of given documentary footage. Editing techniques and styles will be discussed through watching examples of films’ sequences and interviews with editors and filmmakers.



V&A Museum, Digital Studio, Sackler Centre

Master the foundations of film making using the V&A’s galleries as inspiration for your own short. Develop your knowledge of storyboarding, composition and soundtracks before editing your ideas with Final Cut Express. Suitable for beginners. 8 weeks, on Fridays. Led by Claudia Tomaz and Simon Woolham

MUSEUM AS FILM, make your own trailer, V&A Museum, Feb 2011

1-day Workshop with Simon Woolham at V&A Museum (CreateLive, Sackler Centre). The 16 young participants made a 1 minute trailer in one day. They filmed and edited in Final Cut Express and took their film home on a DVD.

MAKING A MUSIC VIDEO, Leyton Youth Centre

Module of the course ‘Introduction to music industry’ a hands-on music, business and video course for young people (13-19 years-old). Students produced their music tracks and made their music video, including filming, acting and editing on iMovie and make a DVD on iDVD. 2010.


MICRO CINEMA – Caminhos do Cinema Português Film Festival, Coimbra, Portugal. 2009

Micro-cinema workshop analyzes 4 of my recent projects. The idea is to share my creative processes, in a practical way, from the idea to the execution, with the difficulties, experiences, results. I’ll show films and other materials + we’ll create some improvisation exercises using cameras, sound, video projectors. The objective of the workshop is to inspire people to look around and within attentively and to do the best use of little means.

FILM FOR CHILDREN, Jack Hunt Language School, Peterborough. 2007-08

a hands-on 10 week program covering all filmmaking process from the story to the accomplished film. It reinforces the nature of digital film production as a powerful educational tool. I worked with 2 groups of children (7-12 years-old). Each group produced a 4 min video, working together to complete the film. This was a after-school club att Jack Hunt Language School, Peterborough, UK, where I worked as a tutor of Cineclub, young filmmakers network.

THE NON-SEPARABLE TRIANGLE: director - actor – character October 2005

In this practical workshop, Acting in film, is explored in the perspective of the filmmaker who directs the actors. In this context, this workshop explores an holistic perspective, looking for ways to understand the actor / character in order to direct them. One gives importance to emotional expression integrating psychological, neurological and muscular body. Film methods and techniques are lectured as well: all elements are non-separable in the process of making a film. Each session has a specific subject that we will play with, experiment and create. Between theory and practice, it appeals to improvisation exercises, screening of selected scenes of films and its analysis, writing and filming exercises where each student has opportunity to create characters, to play a role and to direct an actor / character.

DIRECTING ACTORS - Restart, May 2005

This module of a year's course in filmmaking, intends to explore methods, languages and techniques of film and acting, always from the point of view of the actor and the director. The theoretical component of the course is constantly complemented by the screening and analysis of films and other documents. Some sessions include exercises of relaxation and concentration, as well as movement exercises and body expression. Specific exercises and improvisation aim at the creative, individual and group exploration. The practical component is recurrent throughout all the sessions of the workshop, which allows to explore new dimensions and paths for acting and emotional expression.

DOCUMENTARY - c.e.m, March 2005

This workshop stimulates new paths for creativity using digital video. It teaches how to take advantage of a low budget and limited technical conditions/production resources. This workshop starts as a 3 days lecture on documentary genre, screening and analyzing films and authors, in order to gain a wider perspective and create discussion. It will be given, bases of film techniques for accomplishment of documentary films. Every student has to create his / her own project. The work-in-progress is initiated with the goal of exploring individual ways to transform an idea into a film. A common subject is given, each participant explores its individual perspective.

DIGITAL CINEMA, TRANSVERSAL CINEMA, cinema of the body - c.e.m, December 2004

Conceived as a 3 days lecture program analyzing the relationship between eye, camera and body, plus expression and emotion, this intensive workshop starts by showing pieces of selected films as a way to introduce film techniques and stimulate the students for their own creative processes. Find an individual perspective and a way to look at Others and at Ourselves are part of this intimate workshop. After the lectures, 2 entire days of practice takes us to new territories and explorations: Body work, breathing, walking, doing tai chi holding cameras, touching, creating characters, playing them, filming, talking about it, it's all part of the same transversal cinema.

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