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Organize a screening

If you are interested in screening one of my films in your community, festival, conference, or want to organize an event  and would like to show a film, please fill in the form and tell us a bit more about it.


If you just want to show the film to some friends in your living room, you don't need to fill in the form, you are very welcome, do it! if your friends want to send a donation that would be nice too. For public screening I am asking for a donation.


All contributions will go towards the recuperation of production costs and will support the films continued outreach, events and distribution, as well as helping paying the costs of websites, domains and internet presence. All films are independent, made by film maker Claudia Tomaz, without any funding.



Community and Public screenings:


* You can screen the film only once, on the date specified in your screening agreement

* You can screen of the internet or request a high res file

* If you are doing a Public screening or organizing an event you may charge admission fees for your screening event

* You keep 100% of generated profits unless otherwise arranged

* You are responsable for the promotion of the screening/event although we are happy to post it on our fb page and website

please wait for a confirmation email before offering your donation, thank you

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