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In this session we will explore

  • Ways of travelling - travelling in stillness

  • Digestion and Integration

  • Practice: What gifts did you find on your journey?

  • Road Maps - the circle, enactment, initiation into a new world, the heroine's return

  • Returning to the world and giving your gifts

  • Practice: Closing (Self) Ceremony

Teachings, Readings
& Practices

Video Inspiration
The soul journey
part 1



No matter in what point of your soul journey you might be, or where you are, today I invite you to journey, in any way that feels right for you! Preferably do go out, into Nature if possible, into wilderness if you are able to, or simply into your garden or walk down your street. The point is not going somewhere. The point is to go out without knowing where you are going.


Perhaps after you watched and listened to the materials offered to you here, you might feel inspired and even better, you might be Seeing with new eyes, that is the attitude we want to cultivate here. Go to places that you know well or places that you don't know at all. Perhaps you notice new textures, or feel the brise on your skin in a new way. Do something new, test a new edge.


Go out without a map and allow yourself to be lost, physically or metaphorically, wandering without aim. What do you find in your wander? Outside of you, and inside of your yourself?


Notice not only the physical things (a tree, a house, a flower growing through a wall) but also notice how you feel in those encounters, the memories or ideas that come up for you.


Later on, make sure to takes notes, journal about it, draw it, make a collage or take a picture, whatever feels the right form of expression and exploration for you. Share it on the group page if you like it. 

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