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The healing body

A long term project, to map the healing body

Collage 1. Body maps and energy. 

I have been exploring body maps through different healing practices. the black and white images are drawings I've made of Shiatsu meridians and pressure points. As I am now working with the biofield and energy medicine, I am exploring the toroid shape, brain waves and cosmic energy. This is a first collage to help me relate and associate different elements and visualize some connections.


Collage 2. What memories are held withing the rings of a tree?

The human biofield helds memories of our lives like the rings of a tree.

If there are frozen memories and trauma that could not be integrated and live in the darkness of the unconscious, they will keep playing, forming patterns and grooves, like a broken record

Memories in the rings of a tree.png

In a class, my teacher Thomas Hübl said something that means a lot to me and describes the Essence of my healing work with Biofield tuning.


"Healing is updating our experience. The fragmented parts of past experience and trauma are re-integrated into the central line, into the flow of life. When we are immersed in the flow of vital energy, the tension in the body disappears, the split of emotions disappears. Healing and integration benefit my life in every way, because the stress is reduced, there is an expansion of Presence and potential."

The sketch below shows a chakra diagnosis (to check its energetic balance), a method using a pendulum. I used to do this on a scale of A to F but now I found a more accurate chart showing more variations and offering more precise information. I am very excited about this. I took this reading to myself as practice and part of my self-healing process. Since then I have been doing treatments to myself on those areas at the back. The tightness I had on those areas disappeared and new movement and Action (in the middle world) arised. Yes, healing is to integrate the fragmented parts of ourselves.

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