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Deep Imagery & Dreams

guided Deep Imagery sessions and dream time


"in dreamwork the training of the imagination is a discipline, just as important as the training of the mind"


                                                         -Robert Bosnak

Can you rest your head more?

dream'rest the head-2.jpg

Dream image. I am holding my head because my neck hurts. Dream maker asks 'Can you rest your head more?' offering me the key for healing to happen, a shift of awareness from the tension in the neck to a relaxation of the head. I sit by the window embodying the dream image, holding my head like in the dream. I notice this holding is what creates tension in the neck. I play with words. Holding. Holding up. Holding on. Holding back...

I have been working on this neck pain for sometime. Partially related with an injury, too many hours writing on the laptop, and a fatigue/resistance to all technological things. But I know there's more subtle and deeper layers. A body inquiry with Knight a few months ago  brought up many things from the past that were blocking the flow and movement in the neck and throat. I worked with those images embodying them in many ways. And then this dream last week, reminding me that the loyal soldier has been a pain in the neck, holding me back. The neck connects the head and the body, thoughts and action... after the dream, the pain dissipates, it releases completely. self healing happens.

The colourful maze


working with a Dream image through 'thunderstorming exercise'. the dream had 2 parts, in the first one, I am in a dark city, it's night, there is chaos, everyone is leaving. I am saying goodbye to my lover. It's quite emotional. He doesn't want to leave, he is holding on to something that is crumbling. Even the parking lot was destroyed and there's no place to park the car. I see him crying for the first time and touch his eyes softly before leaving. Then I walk in the city, with 2 bags, in a sea of rushed people with suitcases. Very chaotic.


I go to the tube station. I am going somewhere but I don't have the address, so I stop to text before entering the station. I then enter the tube station to go underground, but the way to it is surprisingly,  through a fabrics' workshop. I walk from chamber to chamber, room to room, through the very colourful beautiful enourmous pieces of fabric. there are sharp turns and many doors, like in a maze. it's all very orderly, silent, and elegant there. The fabrics are like abstract paintings on silk with very soft colours, pink, blue, yellow. the women work together handling these big pieces of fabric, in an harmonious way. I keep following the path to the tube station, I don't feel lost, I am surprised and curious. 

In the embodiment part, I walked around my room which has many pieces of colourful fabric hanging, dividing space and as curtains. I notice the contrast between the dark chaotic city I left behind, and the softness, peace and lightness of this place. The shortcut is gentle and wise.


A question came to me also:

if I am also the lover in the dream, what am I holding on to?

She knows


In the self guided imagery I was reminded of a dream early in the week where I was looking for my coat in a pile of coats in a cafe. under the coats a woman is sleeping. I can't find my coat. she wakes up and tells me exactly where my coat is - I wonder (in the dream): "How does she know? ah she's like the migrant butterflies, she knows!"


The same week, in awaken life, 2 butterflies fly around me, for an hour, the day after I planted the seedlings in the garden of the soul. The word that comes then is 'migrant butterfly'. When I go to town I see butterflies everywhere, in shop windows, paintings, covers of notebooks, and cards. I visit my friend who is moving to another country. She too, a dancing butterfly. I see myself as a butterfly, crossing the ocean. I know where to go. I find my strength from deep within. I see us all, meeting up in the air, in unknown tragectories, meeting at this moment of Earth. We know. She knows. I know.

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