New workshops

The new workshops I am developing connect film, creativity, meditation, healing and Nature connection for a more whole way of expression; in times of climate change and mass extinction, I wish to offer workshops close to Nature to allow a deeper connection with the elements and the natural world, as well as to slow down in preparation for in depth inner work and relaxed creativity. In these workshops & retreats, I wish to integrate my experience as a filmmaker, healer and Earth protector,  bringing together a diversity of practices that I have been developing such as shiatsu, reiki, permaculture, meditation, qi gong, shamanism, care work, music, writing, photography as well as my work, studies and research on trauma, eco-psychology, spiritual ecology and sacred activism. Whenever possible I will invite guests, international experts or local artists to bring in their wisdom and experiences.


Vision of a school

My dream is to create a space to encourage intuition, rest, balance and transformation by being present on the land and let things unfold, and inspire people to listen creatively to their own need for self-care and compassion.

I would like to set up a small alternative school where this can happen consistently in a sustainable way, where I can live and work, in harmony with the land, while offering alternative education (retreats, in person and online workshops) and offer Shiatsu / Reiki and healing treatments, with a focus on trauma healing, resilience, self-awareness, meditation, contemplative practices, and creativity.


The aim of the school is to work with individuals and small groups, on personal healing, renewal and growth, through arts, film, meditation and healing arts, in harmony with Nature, for the care of the Earth, humans and all beings.

I have been teaching since 2004, in London and Lisbon (Victoria & Albert Museum, Space Studios, C.E.M, Restart, etc) inspiring and empowering participants to find their own voice and expression through creativity, images and film language. However this is a completely new and holistic approach that I am develloping.


See below Retreats and Workshop's ideas / descriptions.

If you can offer space, host a retreat, or support this vision  email me.


film, creativity, healing, Nature

ONLINE COURSE - Starts 3-October (4 weeks)

A journey of self-discovery through an holistic approach for the care of mind, body and soul. As we navigate these difficult times, to nurture yourself and practice self-healing and self-care is more essential and precious than ever.


In this workshop you will practice self-care as an art, with creativity, listening to your body, your mind and soul, to enable you to face the present and the future from a grounded, centered and self-compassioned space, that will help you find wholeness in the middle of the chaos, disruption and uncertainty. In times of physical isolation and social distancing, it is vital to bring touch and embodied practices into our daily life, learn to relax, find balance and self-regulate. Trauma-aware.

Soul Journey Retreat

Following my own Soul Journey, I made a film and a wrote a book. However that only tell a very partial story of a much deeper journey of experiences and research. I would like to create a learning journey for groups, a safe space, allowing you to initiate, meditate and develop your own soul journey. I will share excerpts of the film and the book and many relevant experiences, and offer exercises to inspire you through practice, creativity, Nature connection and self-care exercises. The call to journey, living in the present, crisis as opportunity for change, conscious film making and healing art are some of the possible themes to work with. Each workshop will be tailored to the group depending on the place and time scale. Ideally this would be a retreat, however I am thinking how I could make it into an ONLINE course. Please register your interest below if this is for you! Read more about my own soul journey and film.

The feminine way of filmmaking

This is a filmmaking workshop / retreat for women only. We will watch films from female directors and explore themes through images, meditation and creative exercises. The sessions will include ceremony and women's circles to explore the essence of the feminine and its connection with art and filmmaking. Through out the workshop I will also share some of my experiences in making films over 20 years, with film examples and storytelling and will offer group and individual mentoring. Participants should bring their camera for exploration exercises. However the aim is not to make a film, we will focus on the process, using the camera as a journal or note book. If possible, I will invite other female filmmakers friends who I admire as guests (either in person or online) to offer different views, methods and experiences. "Since I started making films I have been exploring alternative forms of production and creation that are gentle, humane, ethical and adequate for each project. I also worked in big films and crews where I learned a lot but chose a smaller, more authentic way, where I often work by myself, or in small collaborations. In my way of making films, which I am calling here the feminine way, there is curiosity to wait for the light, there is acceptance and patience..." Read more...

Introspective filmmaking

This 7 days retreat in the countryside will explore cinema as a personal and introspective experience for healing. Video diaries, biographies, self-portraits, video-letters, Nature and soul cinema will be starting points for artists’ individual projects. The days will be mostly silent, to allow participants to find their own inner space for introspection and creation. Short talks on inspirational themes, screenings of excerpts of films and healing exercises will guide the group to deepen their projects and individual journeys. There will also be meditation and other exercises to explore physical & emotional awareness, and the power of self-healing through creativity. In this retreat there will be the opportunity for group Circles, small groups sharing and also individual meetings. The last day of the retreat will be open to participants to share their process and art created during the residence. This is a bring your own equipment workshop. Open to all. Limited to 12 participants.

Mindful photography & Nature Medicine

This is a 5 days retreat in Nature. We will slow down, listen, be quiet and explore the relationship between eye, camera, body, feeling, emotion, movement and expression. We are Nature. What does it mean to be Nature? To be with or in Nature? Can we embody Nature? To expand our individual perspective and the way we look at ourselves and at others is part of this intimate retreat. We will explore Nature as medicine and find new and ancient ways to connect more deeply with the natural world. Through developing our presence and relation with trees, stones, the elements, we will use our cameras as an extension of such connection: breathing, walking, meditation, and tai chi with cameras are some of the practices that we will use for looking deeply, around and within. From that embodiment, we will explore looking out and creating images as meditation, from the heart, mindfully. This is a bring your own camera workshop (no need of professional cameras, simplicity is the key, a phone or small camera is enough for the exercises) Limited to 12 participants. Watch some of my Nature meditation videos and land projects & photographs

Keep calm and stay radical

How can documentary educate, expand and make change in our world? We live in challenging times, and to deal with the overwhelm and trauma of events, news and environmental destruction can be distressing. Through watching films, together, with compassion and awareness, this workshop will bring inspiration, through meditation and discussion to inspire action. No equipment or activist experience is necessary.


Each session is based on 3 parts:

1. watching selected engaged / activist documentaries on different themes.

2. silent and guided meditations to bring the experience of watching (themes, impact) into the body and the heart.

3. discussions and exercises (e.g. on how to deal with despair, how to bring action into our lives).

This workshop (or series of events) draws from my experience as an activist filmmaker using film for social change and watching many activist documentaries as a pre-sellection committee member of SIMA Award, working with "global awareness, social justice, human rights and education by supporting independent producers, organizations and content creators on the front-lines of social change, and amplifying the impact of their works to inspires activism, compassion and social transformation".

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Participants's testimonials

A big thank you to my two V&A tutors, Claudia and Simon, who have opened my eyes to so much in our 8-week video course. Now, when I watch a simple video, I don't just say "nice" - I see the storyboard, the establishing shots, the close-ups, the cut outs, the transitions, the voice-over audio, the music fading in and out, it is wonderful; like tasting each ingredient in a dish... Now I need to practice some more. It was really nice to see everyone flourishing with ideas and watch everyone's films in the end! Grateful.

Marité Lege-Germain

Digital filmmaking, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

thank you so much for delivering the Creative Editing course. Just wanted to let you know about some of the feedback you received. Overall the content, deliver, trainer and facilities were very good. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the pace and the content, so that's good!

Levin Haegele, Media Arts Training Manager at Space Studios

Creative editing, London

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Cláudia opens her workshops to all kinds of people which automatically creates an environment of exploration and experimentation of video. The exercises she proposes are precise but open enough for us to put our input of personal creativity. I also found that the viewing of different films, videos and documentaries and the discussion about reality/fiction, were utterly important as a way to rethink cinema, art and life and therefore to question our work and working process.

Miguel Bonneville, performance artist

Digital cinema, transversal cinema - cinema of the body, Lisbon

To get conscious of the body while filming, that was very new and important. To get conscious of the line we create telling a story. A great trip through little pieces of film you were showing us, discovering some of my nowadays masters. Your way of teaching is at the same time very structured and free giving us basis to create, where the rational and the sensible perception get together.

Alex, filmmaker

Digital cinema, transversal cinema - cinema of the body, Lisbon

The documentary workshop with Claudia was very useful as I was trying to get back into video filming. Claudia has an easy way to teach technical aspects of filming through practical exercises. She stresses the importance of all these aspects, yet in a very approachable way impelling the student to experiment. This helped me to have a new and more conscious approach to my work and have a more assertive point of view as a spectator. Also, Claudia's very gentle but strong personality, helped us to approach quite a tough subject with a lot of confidence. And last but not least, it allowed me to rediscover Lisbon in a totally new light! Thank you Claudia!

Céline Carlisle, artist

Documentary course, Lisbon

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Claudia synthesized in this workshop the relationship between actor-character-director, which allowed each participant to explore, discover, open definitions so many times narrowed by each profession. The work between writing a situation and putting it on camera, with the responsibility of casting and directing, allowed very concrete and immediate explorations with visible results. Cláudia showed that creativity is within us and that is possible to make it real and express it. Due to the richness of the proposal of this workshop I only think it would be beneficial to have more time, for example in a longer course, to explore all the potential of Claudia’s theme and go in-depths in exploring creative expression in it-self in a fluid flow between writing, acting and directing.

Marie Carré

The non-separable triangle: director - actor – character, Lisbon

It was great to re-read some moments of your articles on Premiere Magazine. Magnificent yes, I remember how I did like your ideas unfolding and how you would make me think about cinema -- Cláudia's written workshops take you on an avid journey: thinking, analyzing, understanding, visualizing film. An unmissable cinematic universe reflecting on the meaning and the making of contemporary auteur cinema. State-of-the-art tendencies and methodologies, post-cinema, digital form here and now.

David Bonneville, filmmaker


Claúdia's workshop was one of the most interesting ones I did in terms of documentary. She introduce me to important references that are today some of my favorite documentarists. She not only had an interesting way to introduce the topics but also managed to motivate a critical discussion among the participants. She not only has the knowledge - she knows how to pass it on.

Clara Gomes, teacher, video artist

Documentary workshop, Lisbon

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