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As we adapt to the new times

We're pleased to announce that the Online course

The art of self healing starts 3-October

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The art of self-healing

A journey of self-discovery through an holistic approach for the care of mind, body and soul. As we navigate these difficult times, to nurture yourself and practice self-healing and self-care is more essential and precious than ever. Module 1 - Find your balance - is a 4 weeks program and starts on the 3rd October.





The soul journey

This is a soul creative retreat, a safe space, to allow you to initiate and devellop your own soul journey. I will share parts of the film and book, plus relevant experiences and research to inspire you through meditation practice, art, film, Nature connection, writing and self-care exercises.


Read more about the Soul journey.

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On demand (groups) and One-to-One options

I was planning new workshops before Covid-19. As life is moving online, I'd be happy to adapt some of the courses as online courses. See New Workshops and Wellbeing Workshops for descriptions, however these can be adapted and designed for a group, and One-to-one when possible.

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