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Music Videos

Something Suspicious - Pete the Temp and Jane Wild

This is one of the 5 videos I filmed and edited for activist poet and musician Pete the Temp and Jane Wild on violin. The music-videos-documentaries were filmed over 2 days at Dalston Studios while Pete and Jane recorded their new EP, June 2016. Watch all 5 videos bellow or on Pete's Youtube channel: Life is Hard | Misbehavers | I've Squatted a Greenhouse in Your Heart | Something suspicious | Remember that You're Going to Die

Screaming out loud - Music: Backdraft. Label: Botchit & Scarper

A music video I made in 2013 for Manchester-based dub/techno act Backdraft featuring Ebere EP/LP at independent record laber Botchit & Scarper

Feel me - Music: Flore. Label: Botchit & Scarper

For this music video I remixed and re-edited images from my feature film 'Us' (feature film, 2003) to the music of Flore and Shunda K.

The original scene, show and space were designed and built for the film in 2002. I conceived sets, costumes, choreography, lights and every shot was prepared carefully. I directed and edited the film, working along with a full crew and cast of at least 50+ talented people! The film was shot in super 16mm, the original music was by Lydia Lunch.

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