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If you are reading this is because you were invited to be part of my Case Study. Thank you for being here! This is a secret page on my website so please do not share it.


This is a way to offer DISTANT treatments, even if you are in another city or country. I follow specific techniques that I have been learning. However these distant energy techniques are new to me, I practice healing arts since 2002 and have nearly 20 years of practice.

I have been studying 2 different healing methods

(learn more on these links)

Personal Energy Clearing

Jikiden Reiki

  • These are two distinct treatments

  • Both can be done remotely

  • I can create a plan, with you, to do Energy Clearing or/and Reiki (depending on your needs)

Questions you might have:

What do I have to do?

If you would like to be part of a Case Study for my studies in distant healing I would like you to commit to 4 treatments (or more if you wish). Although one single treatment might be beneficial, I saw beautiful in-depth transformation and healing when I gave Shiatsu regularly to clients. So I want to support you on a consistent treatment instead of a one-off trial. I have been receiving incredible healing from both, Clearing and Reiki, on my own healing journey, in very challenging situations, which is why I decided to share it with others and do it.

How does a distant treatment work?

First, I will ask you to fill in a little questionaire with medical history, health issues and some life style questions to help us have an holistic perspective. This questionaire is confidential and is to enable the best possible treatment.

Then all you need to do is to be available for the agreed sessions booked in advance and take that time, in your home, in Nature or anywhere you like, to relax and to actively receive the treatment. I will be at my home and will do the treatment from here at the time arranged previously.

Then I would appreciate that you give me feedback on how you felt during and after the treatment (anything that came up, sensations, impressions, memories, any changes you notice, etc)


What do I need to send you?

It would be great if you can download the questionaire and

email it back to me before the day of first treatment.

For distant treatments I do like to work with a photo of the person to bring their presence and connection.

For Jikiden Reiki I need: name, location, date of birth and the issue we are treating - is it physical or a mind issue? I can help you to be as specific as possible. If you have many aches and pains, or complex issues, we might focus in one or two things in one Reiki session (we might work on the lower back and shoulder for example)

Is it free?

Up to September I am offering Distant Healing on Donation.

I suggest £15-20 but you choose if / how much you can / are willing to pay.


If you are a bit sceptical at first, you can choose to do it for free. If later on you feel the value of what you have received improved your health or your life in any way and you desire to support this work, you can give a donation then. If you don't feel anything at all, I will still appreciate your time in this study and well done you for trying something new!

If interested, read more about how I got to be doing this and how I started this journey with Shiatsu in 2002.

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If you have any other questions or would like to start email me

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"When Claudia offered to give me an energy treatment at the distance, I didn't quite believe it, how would it be possible? but as I have so many health issues and I experienced Claudia's Shiatsu treatments along the years, I said yes. I had breast cancer last year and have been struggling with many side effects of the medication, the more acute one being nevralgia, on top of many other chronic painful conditions, including arthrites, and fatigue. I took the time aside and we did it twice. Claudia did the Personal Clearing. I was amazed that I could really feel lots of things, and when I wrote to her to say what I felt, her descriptions of what she felt matched completely. I felt a little confused but it was also intriguing and interesting. On the first session I was surprised to have vivid images of traumatic events that happened in my childhood. On the second session I felt very relaxed. I couldn't explain it. A few weeks later I had forgotten about this and Claudia asked me if the nevralgia was gone. Yes it's gone! I thought maybe it was the pills but maybe it was this energy treatment. Since then I feel more grounded and my mind seems more clear and focused." Maria (Portugal)

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