the journey - Week 4



and CARE

Moving forward step by step


I Ching wisdom

Gentle influence. Wind is gentle yet penetrates everything. The wind is unseen but its action can be powerful. You may act in small ways behind the scenes, yet have a great influence. Through gentle, persistent and subtle forms you can overcome resistance and stagnation. The wind can disperse dark clouds. The wind is most powerful when it blows in one direction. Do not spread yourself into multiple conflicts, maintain clarity and stick to your steps, as small as they can be. In a storm a strong blow can break things, now it's not the time for aggression or fighting. Conserve your energy and root down like the Winter trees. Simply commit to your practice, be consistent and persistent. Gentleness in word and deed lead to success.


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This week is about moving forward, step by step, while integrating what you learned in these last 4 weeks. We start with a relaxation and Hara Shiatsu (self massage of your belly). In Easter philosophy the Hara is the body's centre of gravity and the storehouse of energy - the Hara is the home of chi, the natural source of vitality and movement. Also most vital organs are located at the Hara, so by strengthening and relaxing the Hara, we are develloping a centered body. This practice helps us to come into our own Centre so our actions have a flowing quality.


Then I introduce Walking meditation / Tai Chi walking, to bring awareness to your steps and unite intention with action through the simple motion of walking carefully on the Earth, dancing with the wind, consciously breathing with each step. In this session I also offer you the gift of Beauty and Nature medicine, through a visual contemplation following a special sunset and sunrise to bring you more balance!

This week the daily life mindfulness exercise relates with your practices and feelings around Care, for others and yourself. And the introspection exercise is about Authenticity and progress. We are going deep and wide. Remember, take baby steps, one step at the time and, with patience, dedication and care, the long road turns to joy!



This week pay special attention to how you relate to Care - your own self care and the care you give to other people, family, friends, or at work 


As we have been doing in this exercise, the point is not to answer the questions rationally, but to observe your reactions in your daily life situations and notice how you act or react to things.

So this week we observe how we care...

What does it mean to CARE? Do you feel it as an act of compassion and generosity, or an obligation and responsability? Do you have the tendency to put yourself last and help everyone else until you are drained and have no time or energy to take care of yourself? If so, try to see what's behind that. Perhaps try remember childhood stories, how were you cared for? When you care for others, do you feel you over-give? If so, how does that make you feel? How could you find more balance between giving and receiving? Are your needs met? Do you feel your care and self-care is valued and respected? Do you value your own self care and take the time for it? Do you make your self-care a priority and make time and space to nurture yourself, your body, your mind, your creativity and your healing, by creating a strategy of resilience and appropriate care? Or do you go into overwhelm, anxiety, anger or depression?


Since you started this course, have you created a self-care daily routine? If so, how does it feel - in your body, your mind, your soul? How do you plan to continue your self-care practices?

Bring the questions into your daily situations this week and let them resonate, simply take notice. Use a huge dose of Self-Compassion in this practice, and do not be attached to any particular outcome!


The introspection practice this week is about Authenticity as a priority of the soul path.

Write a Letter to your Self

This is a letter of encouragement, a reflection on your progress from the perspective of who you are in your essence, when living in your authenticity.


You may reflect about the progress you made since you started this course a month ago, or you may take a longer period of your life, like the last 6 months, or the last 5 years. Make it manageable not to overwhelm yourself.


You might look at the beginning of your self-healing journey. What brought you (t)here? You might see the parts (of yourself, other people or things) you had to let go of, which did not support you. You might see the seeds you planted years ago. You might look into the beauty, the compassion and the love you created. You might look at forgiveness to yourself and others...


Breathe out and let the words, feelings or emotions come.

As we deepen our metamorphosis and ask deeper questions to the soul, we progressivelly align with our most genuine becoming and we learn that authenticity is a decision and a skill that can be develloped.


To put yourself, your self-healing, your authenticity and your soul as a priority is not a selfish act - it's a gift! As you become more aware of your Whole being and peel layers of hurt and sorrow, as you heal the sacred wounds, step by step, you will align with your integrity more fully. It can often be an uncomfortable place to be, but know that 'the long road turns to joy'

Reflect on how this looks like for you and write down on your journal what comes up. Don't try to edit or make it perfect, just let it out, let the Soul speak! Be very kind to yourself, bring compassion to your heart and soul!


"Walk not in order to arrive, but just for the joy of walking


Walking mindfully on the Earth can restaure our peace and harmony, and it can restaure the Earth's peace and harmony as well. When we practice walking meditation beautifully, we massage the Earth with our feet and plant seeds of joy and happiness with each step."


                                           -  Thich Nhat Hanh -

Have a great week, take care!