the journey - Week 3



and CARE

Finding Stability in chaos


I Ching wisdom

Mountain symbolizes restraint, stillness, tranquility and the careful cultivation of a person's spiritual development. Nourishment of the self means care and cultivation of the self. The activities, food and thoughts that you engage with, will determine your health. Proper care include body, mind, spirit. If you do things that weaken you and you neglect yourself, it will harm you in the long run. But if you nourish the best parts of yourself, and you care for yourself with self-respect, you will be healthier and happier. Maintain a balanced and grounded attitude like the mountain. When necessary, keep still, conserve energy and gather fresh strength through repose. Turn your thoughts inwards, away from material things. No error is possible if there is inner peace.


 video 3



This week is about finding stability in chaos and being really grounded like a mountain! The exercises on the video bring you some tools for centering and find your balance through some Chi kung practices (filmed in my garden, next to the Cedar tree and amongst my veggies!). Then we will do a gentle self-massage sitting down and I'll guide you in a Mountain Meditation, so you create a solid, stable and strong inner practice.

The meditations in action for this week continue the theme of grounding through an Earthing practice (and an inspiring film to watch, if you like). The introspection exercise is about finding those moments, places and people that support yourself in your true essence. The Daily life mindfulness practice will have you paying attention to those persistent pains or mind loops, and to notice how you re-act about it, to guide you to a more healthy and positive way to deal with it, by creating self-care routines, which can be stepping stones for wellness and healing. Remember that self-healing is only possible with dedication, time and patience.



This week pay special attention to how you relate to pain (physical or emotional).


Notice how it feels in your body.

And observe your reaction to it.

Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed? Numb and avoidant? Do you try to find the root cause of the pain or simply complain about it? Can you find solutions to ease the pain? When you try something new to help the pain, do you do it just once, or do you persiste over time? Do you hold on to negative and unhealthy behaviours? Are you able to ask for help or you feel you have to do everything by yourself?

Whatever it is, simply observe throughout the week, in different days how you re-act - without blame or judgement. If you are dealing with a physical pain for example, perhaps think of the practices you learned on the videos over the past 3 weeks (or others you may use) - what could you do that would help?

Pick one thing and do it every day! no excuses :)

Or maybe ask your pain what is it trying to tell you. Sometimes your body is sending you messages, or is saying No, or is asking you to rest and slow down.


If you are caught in emotional loops and repetitive patterns, this might be pointing you to a wound you need to heal. Often trauma and chronic stress are holding us back and operating unconsciously. So we might not know why this thing keeps happening. To stay in the body through embodied practices is key, however sometimes we need external help and guidance to see and clear deep ingraned stuff.


Be attentive to your inner world and what is triggered, while making all you can to stay in your centre, to find balance, stability and ease.


Use extra patience and Self-Compassion in this practice, and do not be attached to a particular outcome! Be gentle with yourself!


Think about moments, people, places or events in which you feel / felt centered and grounded, really 'yourself', your essence. Remember what made you feel that way. See what arises and write it down...

You might start: 'When I feel / felt

safe and grounded I.....'

Stay in your power-within and be kind to yourself!


Standing barefoot on the earth and put your feet on the ground helps you grounding, it balances your energy and reduces inflammation. Something this simple has remarkable effects. I know it might now be too cold for this exercise, but if possible, take the time to ground yourself, sit on the grass or on the beach, barefoot, for at least 15 minutes each day.

The Earthing movie might give you the encouragement you need and some valuable scientific information and case studies about the benefits of grounding.

Have a great week, take care!