the journey - Week 2



and CARE

Nurturing my inner space


I Ching wisdom

Serenity and joy. Lake is associated with openness, receptivity and gentleness toward the outside world, and also symbolizes strength and stability within. A lake is self-contained but it's always interdependent of the water underneath, the sun and the clouds to provide rain so the lake can maintain its water levels. If the lake is cut off, from that gentle interaction with the elements, it will dry out and become a swamp. Joy comes from integrity and balance within and tolerance and acceptance toward the world. The I Ching advices to associate with like minded people to share experiences. When people feel supported and encouraged, they can overcome difficulties with ease. Be inwardly strong and firm, outwardly mild and serene. Perseverance brings success.


 video 2


and rising energy

This week in the exercises of the video, we explore ways to deeply rest, using a bolster (you can also use a rolled blanket or rolled towels) - I call these exercises: Not-doing. You simply open into the rest. You will learn to rise your energy with the 'healing hands' practice, helping you to increase your sensitivity to energy that you can use to heal yourself. Plus you will learn two Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises to regenerate energy, and nurture and balance your internal organs. Do all the exercises or pick at least 2 to do EVERY day! They seem very simple but are very powerful if you practice them daily.

Be like a plant, water it every day!


The meditations in action this week explore daily tasks with a mind full of attention and the Introspection / writing practice is about joy and presence in moments of stillness.


Also as you become more aware of your own energy, make sure you protect your energy from 'energy vampires' who might drain you. Healthy boundaries (physical and energetic boundaries) are important in conserving your energy. If you identify as a sensitive or empath this is all more crucial. To rise your energy alone is not enough. Sometimes you have to say 'NO'. Also if your body is saying 'No', please listen and honour yourself.



This week pay special attention to how you relate to activities and tasks that you need to do everyday, such as washing up or cooking.


Bring mindfulness * a mind full of attention * to the simple tasks of daily life. Do it slower than usual and do not multi-task.


"While washing the dishes one should only be washing the dishes. At first glance this might seem a little silly: why put so much attention on a simple thing? But that's precisely the point - I am being completely myself, following my breath, conscious of my presence, and conscious of my thoughts and actions"

(Thich Nhat Hanh)

Also be aware of any thought processes around your daily tasks. Do you feel joy when doing it? Do you have a good discipline about it? Do you avoid doing it and delay your task? Do you moan about it or ask someone else to do it? Do you feel it's unfair that is always you doing it and you make a drama out of it? Do you rush through it so you get rid of it? Do you complete your tasks or leave things half done?...

Notice your feelings and patterns through your week...

Approach your tasks with patience and understanding, keep the heart open without being attached to an outcome.


Try to make some quiet moments of stillness through the days and have your notebook next to you, opened, ready... notice your subtle inner movements when you stop, pay attention to the shifts of energy, the transitions from an emotion to another, the memories that pop up, can you enjoy the moment or is your mind racing with to-do lists? Can you stay relaxed and opened to the energy around and within you?...

What arises in your quiet moments?

Write about it.


You might also want to take a picture with your phone of these moments of stillness. Notice the space, the light, the objects around you, the natural environment, the energy around you...

Let your heart be light as the condor's heart, that is his secret to fly high!


Have a great week, take care!