the journey - Week 1



and CARE

Living in the present

I Ching wisdom


Shock. Something unexpected has shaken you. Colossal movement. Do not be confused by initial fear but meet force with respect. You have been caught by surprise, but something positive can and will emerge from the shake-up. Take a closer look to the situation. Turn inward and bring order into your life. Shocking events force you to rethink your priorities and gives you the chance to turn your life around. A balanced attitude, calm and gradual change will create a new potential. Maintain equanimity and avoid confusion. Rest.


 video 1

releasing THE TENSION

This week the exercises (on video) focus on releasing tension from the body, starting with your eyes, the window of the soul... let's look within. While the Meditations in Action open your mind to notice patterns. The introspective / writing exercise will help you to look at the timeline of your life through a new perspective. The psychology of thought transformation is essencial for healing. Often the daily life situations that we call problems oblige us to develop our mind and our inner qualities. Release, expand, find balance, allow more space!



This week pay special attention to how you relate to technology and communication, how it affects your mood and how you feel in your body and mind.


Notice your eyes, your back, your neck, your hands. Do you sit on a table and have your back supported? do you take enough breaks?

Do you reply to emails right away or give yourself (and others) some space? Do you spend many hours scrolling on social media? How do you relate to others since lockdown? Do you need constant stimulation and company or do you prefer introspective time away from computers? Do you work too much, feel overwhelmed or avoid the internet? Do you set boundaries for yourself and others? Are those boundaries respected?


These are only examples...

Whatever it is for You,

Just notice, observe, inquire, be curious...

Notice how the way you communicate makes you feel...

in your body, in your mind, in your heart

Is there something you would like to try to do differently?

If so, set a clear intention

Then try it out and notice how it feels in your body.

Approach your observations and tasks with compassion, patience and understanding, keep the heart open without being attached to any outcome.


Think about moments of uncertainty throughout your life, moments where things changed beyond your control, or moments in which you had to make a decision and had no idea what would be on the other side. Draw a timeline of your life on your journal and mark those moments. Then draw another timeline and reflect on what those uncertainty moments led you to, the life lessons, the growth, the unexpected things that happened, the positive things that came out of it and that you are now grateful for...

When digging into your memories, be kind with yourself.

Some episodes might be traumatic and need extra care to handle them. If triggered, stay in the body, the here and now. You might use one of the exercises in the video to help you relax through a simple embodied practice.


We often attach judgements to things that happen and label them as 'good' or 'bad'. This week notice when you do that and try to let go of the label. Perhaps you say 'Maybe...' Perhaps you stay curious. Some people don't like the rain, so when it rains they might say 'Oh no, it's raining, I hate the rain, I feel so miserable when it rains...' and they attach to the not-liking the rain and their miserable state, instead of simply seeing the rain as it is. If you open yourself and are curious about the rain as it is, you might notice the smell of the rain, the music of the rain, you might think about the plants and trees that need the rain, you might even start to enjoy the rain and go out to sing in the rain! This might be similar with relationships and other events...   


In this Zen story (on video below) many things happen, that could be labeled as 'good' or 'bad', fortunate or unlucky, but the farmer only says 'Maybe'... and things keep changing and turning around. Stay open!


Have a great week, take care!