"Uncertainty gives us the present moment"

Joanna Macy


As we are globally thrown into uncertainty, this week I invite you to consider the uncertainty in your life right now. If you would like, take it as an assignment (do it as a meditation, a mind map, or write it down)

  • contemplate your circunstances and how that makes you feel, don't get caught in it, simply observe and try to name the feelings that come up

  • then bring to mind other past moments of difficulty or unknown in your life and observe how it was then, how did you respond, what did you learn?

  • what gifts and skills you received after the experience?

  • be kind to yourself, do this with self-compassion.

  • breath, smile.





This week I am sharing the trailer of my film The Soul Journey - the journey started as a real life experience of uncertainty. It is a very personal film-meditation, a reflection on our world and transitions, a visual poem on Nature, a contemplation on grief, loss and the impermanence of (my) Life. I hope it is inspiring. I started this in 2016, however only now, during the lockdown, I could complete the film. Actually, when I started the soul journey I did not know I was going to make a film or write a book called Travelling like clouds (some excerpts bellow) or that I would be working with women with Alzheimer's and help people crossing the bridge to death or that I would live where I live now.


Indeed 'uncertainty gives us the present moment'. What unfolds is often surprising. One thing I learned was that uncertainty and crisis, however challenging and very uncomfortable, can open powerful roads for growth and teach us to be present, open the imagination to new possibilities and practice resilience.

- practice 6 -



"I travelled without a plan or destination like the wandering Taoist monks did in ancient times; they called it 'travelling like clouds'. Many ancient cultures have some form of this conscious wandering as a way of expanding limits, of un-learning, of walking into unknown roads as a practice of self-discovery; as a rite of passage or initiation.


This was indeed an essential part of my journey. To live this truth in my daily life, in my relationships, in my actions. Like a seeker, a wanderer, a cloud, I travelled as a means to meditate, embracing impermanence and change. Embodying the space in between, I stayed in the liminal zone.

As my meditation teacher, Thomas Hübl, says, 'when you are really here, you take a step, and then... the ground appears.' Sometimes there was no ground, and I would have to trust that it would appear. And it always did. This way I walked off the beaten track. Step by step. I stayed in the space in between. It is not a comfortable place to be, but it is fundamental for real change. My journey became my way to dwell with change, it became my meditation in action."

TRAVELLING LIKE CLOUDS  is a self-published book, available as eBook or to Print on demand

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