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In this workshop you will practice self-care as an art, with creativity, listening to your body, your mind and soul, to enable you to face the present and the future from a grounded, centered and self-compassioned space, that will help you find wholeness in the middle of the chaos, disruption and uncertainty. In times of physical isolation and social distancing, it is vital to bring touch and embodied practices into our daily life, learn to relax, find balance and self-regulate.

Each week has a theme. You will receive 5 exercises / elements per week.

You can do it at your own pace and may create your own combination - for example,

do the practices on the video every morning or 2-3 times a week, do the writing exercise as a daily journal or as a a Sunday thing etc.

Some exercises are meditations in action, practices for your daily life. You can also share your progress with the group in the course's private page.

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a workshop with Claudia


When I started shiatsu in 2003 I had a busy practice in Lisbon. To cope with many treatments each week I develloped exercises for my own self-care as a practicioner, to keep flexible, without tension and with good energy to give the best treatments. I used a combination of yoga, chi gong, self-shiatsu and movement. This became a group class as I felt important to share with my clients strategies to cope with stress outside the massage room to empower them to look after themselves in their daily situations. I also gave these sessions in psychotherapy settings to groups as a preparation for bioenergetics workshops.


All these years I continued to develop exercises for my self-healing, creating a sophisticated in-depth holistic approach to my own health which was life saving in very challenging situations. I practice meditation for years, did several silent retreats, both in Buddhist communities and solo. I am a student of everything, in particular trauma and many different healing systems, including sound healing with tuning forks, Shin Jin Jiytsu and tai chi.


Before the pandemic I had my little Shiatsu practice 'Cloud hands' in Brighton. After Covid-19 and social distancing, my first impulse was to create a self-help page with very short videos and inspiration for people during the pandemic, to deal with stress, isolation and the virus. I have also been doing distant healing.


In the sequence of the global situation, I feel it is important to offer a more in depth, yet flexible plan of support for these times. One that you can do from home, at your own pace. You do not need to have meditation experience, anyone can do this.


Combining my experience as a filmmaker, with the healing work, I designed a program with videos and exercises, that is both simple and deep, that includes body, mind, energy, and mindfulness practices that you can apply in your daily life.

I am planning a 1 to 3 months journey, although if there is enough interest it could become an ongoing membership / community, and/or expand into other courses and retreats. See below for more details.


Each Sunday you receive

an email with a link for your

weekly exercises

1 short meditation (5-10 mins)

1 video with exercises (30-45mins)

1 daily practice for life

1 writing / introspection exercise

1 piece of inspiration


The workshop is done at your own pace (no zoom calls).

You choose how much you want to engage – To listen to your needs and whatever works best for you, is the number one tip for

your own self-care, but remember, a plant needs water and light every day!


As a member you will access the course content in a reserved area. Each week there is a new page with all content to make access easy. You might choose to share your journey with the group (or not).

You will be invited to group healing and special events I might organize


- MODULE 1 -


Week 1

Living in the present

Misty Slopes

Week 3

Finding stability in chaos

Gradient Ocean

Week 2

Nurturing my inner space

Week 4

Moving forward step by step

Video 1

This week's meditation and exercises will focus on RELEASING TENSION from the body to  increase awareness of body, mind and emotions. In this session you will learn to release tension and do an energetizing self-massage. You will also learn how to massage your back with simple props.

Video 2

This week the meditation and exercises will focus on listening and nurturing your INNER SPACE. You will learn to feel the energy in your hands and ways to increase your energy levels. You will practice 'the main central flow' and 'encircling the fingers', to work on all your organs to raise your energy.

Video 3

This week the focus is in finding STABILITY in the middle of chaos. How to stand still like a mountain, staying in balance. You will learn 2 chi gong exercises and new self-massage exercises that are more focused and precise. You will do a practice to help you deal with strong emotions.

Video 4

This week the focus is on movement, on MOVING FORWARD, gently, step by step, with a relaxed body, attention to the inner space, and with stability and balance, bringing together the practices of the previous weeks. You will learn: how to make your spine more flexible and walking meditation.


self-care and self-healing take dedication and time

- select the option that better support your needs and growth -

Find your balance

4 sessions

Bring your being to blossom

8 sessions

Shine your light

12 sessions


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