Walkabout is a non-fiction story about travellers, artists, activists and the underground art scene in London. The particularity of South London squat parties and music will be its backdrop. The title is inspired by Aboriginal legendary wandering over the continent singing the world into existence. The film follows different characters on the move and has the aim to create an intimate and personal portrait of human relationships in a multicultural, global and creative mega-city like London.

started shooting. funding needed



feature film



MOBILE is a long term project, a feature film in preparation. It tells the story of a young immigrant in a big city and a galaxy of characters that cross her life. It's a film about being a stranger in a new place. Cities are places made to be in movement, people have to move fast, be in transit permanently, struggling to find their grounding. How to stop? How to slow down? The film is about the contemporary search for identity and human contact in a technological and global world.

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activist mix doc + fiction


A provocative, critical, funny and yet intimate film which follows the daily performances of a young radical environmentalist woman trying to turn off the lights in public places. Through the apparently simple act of trying to turn off the lights we’ll have a journey in London. Conversations and situations will be fuelled and provoked. People’s relationship with artificial and natural environments is one of the focus of this documentary.

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live cinema


A 360 degree immersive experience using DJ sets and live painted moving slides with video and slide projections. A chill out space to Time travel. An ambient journey to the moon and outer space.

by TIME TRAVELLERS (Claudia Tomaz and Kevin Walsh)

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need funding for rehaersals and live performance


performance | film | installation



From GPS drawings to psychogeography and free-running concepts, we will introduce neo-nomad performers exploring the tactile city, challenging the grids of surveillance-controlled space. A film performance will be made on the streets following the five-day improvisation game of the four performers who are being tracked…

The images will be edited for a two-screen and sound installation.

need funding for performance and post-production







TOUCHING THE NERVE is an interactive performance evolving Shiatsu massage and sensors. Movement and touch are transformed into image and sound creating an involving experience. The sound of the piece will be created through a LAB process where people, after having a shiatsu massage, tell us about their sensations, memories, images triggered by the massage experience. Those 'interviews' are recorded and images will be made based on it. In the live performance sounds and images are displayed throught the use of sensors.

need funding for LAB | film and live performance





light boxes exhibition



Mutant-paintings are painted on acetate using slide mounts, vitrail glass paint and drops of water. The paints are solvent based and don’t mix with the water; the water creates a vacuum which permits the movement. Each time the slides are projected they form a unique landscape. These slides have a short life as the water tends to evaporate and the slide to dry. The final landscape is the result between painting, finger interaction, heat of the projector and time passing through. I've been exploring this technique since 1990, now I present a selection of mutant-paintings scanned from the original and mounted on light boxes for exhibition in gallery.





exhibition + book


I have done photography for many years, first 35mm and slides, nowadays digital. Is is one of my ways to look at things, details, faces of people I like, places and the light of course. I use photography largely in the preparation for my films, I use it when I travel, I use it almost everyday, like a diary, a register of sensibilities. I have thousands of photos. I am currently in the process of selection. Want to exhibit them and topublish them in a book as well.





In the gesture of 'looking at the trees' I started to learn about the movements of mutation, soft, internal. When observing the trees, I observed those movements introspectively, understanding my own changes in this snowflake dance and flaring flowers. Slowly a film was being born, better: a meditation. CHANGES shows trees in 4 different seasons in a 2 screens installation with sound in a loop. At Casa dos Dias da Agua, Lisbon, April 2007 Changes was projected in the space between the windows

installation available to book





A timeless perceptive journey into new universes. Light changes projected on the wall, filtered by the leaves moved by the wind. Filmed on a daily basis from February to August 2007 in my house in Lisbon.

3 screens video installation with sourround sound

working on sound design











From August 2004 to 2007, Cláudia Tomaz wrote a monthly article called ‘Atelier de Cinema’ (Cinema Atelier) where she explores different techniques, creative approaches and processes from the point of view of who makes films – the filmmaker, the artist, the creator. The articles are like workshops organized by theme. How to be an independent filmmaker / visual artist is one of the subliminal issues always present. A first series of articles is more focused on traditional film in its different aspects. A second series searches new paths for the future of film, combining video and media arts. Cláudia explores ideas for a new hybrid cinema born from digital culture. The book will unite the articles published in the magazine and some new texts will be included.

Publishing house: Mariposa Azual







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