LONDON GROUND consists of a web series of short experimental films directed by award winning film maker Claudia Tomaz Films are made in collaboration with artists (music, film, art, activism) in London 2010. The artists invited are not mainstream ones, but people with dreams and their feet on the ground. LONDON GROUND gives EXPOSURE to artists, through showing their work online and creating a linked artist’s community! Film screenings, events and a DVD will follow.





LONDON GROUND channel is an online platform to SHOW the films and engage with a participatory audience. You can watch online, vote in your favourite films, like, share and comment.

In December 2009 we had a big hit at Micro films Web Tv - over 1 MILLION views!!! With the revenue Claudia filmed / directed / edited and distributed 12 films. She continues preparing new episodes.






LONDON GROUND is independent and made under the ethos of D.I.W.O (do-it-with-others). We are using social networking, crowd funding and online platforms to finance it while collaborating with artists and audience. If you like LONDON GROUND you can support it and make a DONATION! Please email us! Thank you!





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18th May 2010 we did TRANSIENT FORMS LIVE JAM in a fantastic squatted cinema, new home of VHS basement. People jammed with music instruments while Claudia painted her Mutant paintings which she projected in multiple screens. The film Transient Forms is about the performance and her mysterious mutant paintings WATCH HERE

22nd June 2010 LONDON GROUND SCREENING @ squatted ex-Foundry, Shoreditch, London. Claudia Tomaz joins VHS basement film night to show a 50 min version of 5 films of LONDON GROUND and shares the work in progress. More live events and film screenings at unusual locations in London to follow!!



LONDON GROUND project started from my curiosity and admiration for other artists’ work and their original practices in London. There's a vibe here and things are happening, sometimes hidden, in the underground or on the internet! So somehow these films give voice to this movement. It is also a way to find my GROUND in London, get involved in fertile collaborations and DO things with others! 

My aim is to find a sustainable way of film making by making films modestly, in digital, in a short time, in collaboration with other artists. LONDON GROUND films are short and may result in documentaries, essay films or visual poems. Note that films are Not promotional videos, they are the result of an ENCOUNTER (me – no crew – and an artist). This is an on-going project, it is growing organically. As soon as a micro film is done, the film is uploaded online at LONDON GROUND channel


Online platforms used in LONDON GROUND


With an innovative platform designed to change the process of discovering independent film, Openfilm is dedicated to developing, marketing and distributing films. It integrates social media networking tools like Sharing, Embed, Comment and Rate the films; it also incorporates a DONATION button. The site shares revenues with filmmakers from views. We need LOTS, I mean thousands of views to make any money though, so please watch and share the films. LONDON GROUND channel


Film Annex is the host of my MICRO FILMS WEB TV. It is an online film distribution company and web television network. Since the launch of its new Web TV platform in August 2009, the company has created free web televisions for numerous content providers, including filmmakers, production companies, film festivals, and non-profit organizations. With the advertising revenues generated on these Web TVs, Film Annex pays these content providers monthly revenues with the intent to finance their new projects. micro films web tv @


‘IndieGoGo provides tools for fundraising, promotion, and discovery.  The platform enables people to showcase their work, mobilize fans, and DIWO (Do-It-With-Others!). Founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, choice, and action, IndieGoGo launched in 2008 to address the fundraising challenges and market inefficiencies affecting independent media. IndieGoGo provides an open platform for people to pitch projects to the world, and gives fans the vehicle to experience, influence and fuel the projects they want to see created. london ground @ indiegogo


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