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Originally from Lisbon, Claudia is a London-based independent filmmaker and editor working professionally on film since 1995. Her work encompasses many different styles and genres; she often works in a film-essay style, using a low-tech, experimental and poetic approach to images and sounds.

Claudia is also dedicated to social issues; currently she is filming and editing her new feature documentary for housing justice, Give us space about the housing crisis in London. In 2010 she was directing, producing and distributing her web series of short documentaries London ground. In 2006 Claudia founded Holon film LAB where she devellops micro films that she distributes online; the Lab focus on research, collaborations as well as giving workshops and organizing film screenings.

After working within the film industry in Portugal for about 10 years in a number of functions, e.g. director's assistant, scriptwriter and editor (with directors: Paulo Rocha, José Alvaro de Morais and Pedro Costa), Claudia kept on making her own films searching for more independent and sustainable paths; She founded HOLON film LAB in 2006 where she devellops micro/low budget films that she makes on her own and distributes online;

Claudia is also a freelancer editor, camera and tutor. She is versatile and dedicated, with excellent Final Cut skills. Since 2004 Claudia is a film tutor; she teaches film to artists, youth and children in places including Space Studios and the V&A Museum. Claudia is specially interested in documentary and independent cinema, from socially engaged films to experimental film, web series or anything that is challenging.


Claudia is a member of the collective Exploding Cinema and part of the pre-selection committee of SIMA (Social Impact Media Award), selecting social and activist documentaries.




Claudia's films as Director, Camera, Editor, Scriptwriter


2013-2014 ( in production)

GIVE US SPACE feature documentary



2009-2011 (web series + feature film)

LONDON GROUND web series / experimental documentaries

(ongoing. 12 films are online)


Feature lengh films

NÓS | US 100 min, 35mm, 2003.  produced by Paulo Branco | Madragoa Filmes

NOITES | NIGHTS 73 min, 35mm, 2000. produced by Paulo Branco | Madragoa Filmes


Music videos

2010 – ALLERGIC, music video. Studio Rockers (record label), music: Jazzsteppa (London, UK)

2009 – FEEL ME, music video. Botchit&Scarper (record label), music: Flore & Shunda K (London, UK)


Middle/ Short lengh films and Experimental Documentary – since 1995

TIMELESS LAND 35 min, 2009. independent production

ONE LOVE 37 min, 2009. independent production

THE LIGHT SURGEONS 50 min, 2008. independent production

TRAVELOGUE 12 min, 2008. independent production

BALLAD OF TECHNOLOGICAL DEPENDENCY 33min, 2007. independent production

SUBLIMINAL – meditative video pieces 45min, 2006. independent production

SINGING SONGS 50 min 2006. independent production

SEARCHING FOR CHARACTER 25 min, 2001. Supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

DETOUR 50 min, 1997. Funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation   / Suma Filmes

ZÉNITH 6 min 1996.  independent production

CLEAR EYES 25 min 1995  Funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation / Suma Filmes

MEMORY 20 min 1995  final film school



2010 – ‘Feel me’ wins ‘war of films’ online contest March edition

2003 – ‘Us’  wins BOCCALINO AWARD, Locarno Film Festival, 2003

2000 – ‘Nights’ wins CRITIC'S WEEK BEST FILM, Venice International Film Festival 

2000 – ‘Nights’ is NOMINATED FOR BEST FILM, Gijon Film Festival

1999 – ‘Detour’  wins BIG AWARD OF THE JURY,  VideoLisboa Film Festival

1998 – ‘Detour’ wins YOUNG CREATORS AWARD, Clube de Artes  e Ideias




2008 - Interdisciplinary and Technological Performance Arts Course at Gulbenkian Creativity and Artistic Creation Programme (10 week intensive course in Lisbon with tutors from Brooklyn College, NY)

2006 - Media Arts studies as an informal student during the period of artist-in-residence at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.

Studied: 'Interactive narratives' | 'Physical Computing' | 'Neighborhood narratives'

2005 - “Script&Pitch Workshops - European advanced script-writing course“, supported by MEDIA Plus Program. A 8 month course for 16 selected European scriptwritters/director with 3 intensive workshops in Italy, Finland and France.

2005 - Software course on “Dreamweaver” , Pavilhão do Conhecimento de Lisboa

2004 - Masterclass of Cinematography with: Ed Lachman, Il Sung Jung, Walter Carvalho and Caroline Champetier, International Film Festival of Jeonju, South Korea

2000 - Image Workshop with Rui Poças and Sound Workshop with Vasco Pimentel, on the experimental project "Give this manifest a body", Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

1998 - AVID editing internership with Pedro Ribeiro, during the editing of the film “Quando Troveja” by M. Mozos.

1996 - 3D Animation Workshop for dance and movement: “Digitalizando o corpo electrónico“. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Encounters Acarte. direction: Yacov Sharir.

1993-94 - Parallel studies with Erasmus Grant, Michel Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France

1992-93 - Professional technical course for camera operators, sound and film editing, supported by EU. Textimédia Produções

1991-95 - Graduated in Sciences of Communication and Film, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal



2005-2006 – Artist-in-residence at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Grant from Calouste Gulbenkian / Flad for a experimental Lab filmmaker project, scriptwriting / research for a new feature film and Media Art Studies.

2005 - “Script&Pitch Workshops - European advanced script-writing course“. Grant from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Ica - Instituto de Cinema e audiovisual

1993-94 - Parallel studies in Film and Audio-visual at Michel Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France. Erasmus Fellowship.

FREELANCER: editor | camera | collaborations


OLD HOME, SUPERHOME – on-going project – short videos for Sustainable Energy Academy website. Videos are about green architecture and ways to reduce housing carbon footprint in at least 60%.  Director, camera and editor (London, UK)


DANCE FORMS, Shooting as part of a 3 cameras team. We shot dance tutorial for dance software Dance Forms and a dance piece by choreographer Janet Randell, Walles. (Camera, Sony Z-1)


Filmed Jeremy Paxman at BBC for a fund raising treasure haunt event for charity ‘Crisis’ (camera, Sony Z-1), London


FRAU, interdisciplinary performance integrating movement, live cameras and 3 video screens on stage. by Caroline Mueller / boXd production. Camera and Video Consultant: filming, feedback on the coordination between stage movement and multi-screens + pre-filmed / pre-edited video material and live cameras and video mentoring for dancers. Dance Residence at Dance4, Nottingham, UK


A SENSE OF PLACE, by Teresa Paiva. Workshop assistant & Editor (London)


EDGE, video dance, Pedro Pires. Camera and Editor. (London)


CHANGING THE WORLD ON VACATION, by Daniela Kon. feature / documentary.

Editor (London, UK)


PROMO VIDEO for FairTunes, a charity project providing music studios for people in impoverished communities - Colombia. Editor (London, UK)


DAVID CRONEMBERG PRESENTS WIRELESS INTERNET, by John Gross. Feature. Advisor in the editing (Philadelphia, USA)

1999 / 2001

DAR O CORPO AO MANIFESTO, Curation and coordination. Project of workshops and film / video productions, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Inviting 6 young film directors was part of the project which proposes to defend, question and look for a place for independent film in a culture of mass media. (Portugal)


PEIXE-LUA by José Álvaro Morais. Feature/fiction. 1st director assistant during the preparation of the film. 6 months. (Portugal)


O QUARTO DA VANDA by Pedro Costa. Feature documentary. Director‘s assistant & Camera /sound. 8 months. (Portugal)


RIO DO OURO by Paulo Rocha. Feature/fiction. Scriptwriter, Editor and Director’s Creative assistant. (Portugal)


Camões, Tanta Guerra, Tanto Engano by Paulo Rocha. Cinematographer, camera operator and editor. (Portugal)


Rua do Poço dos negros by Paulo Rocha. Scriptwriter (Portugal)




2011 - 'Creative editing' at Space Studios, London, Hackney - September/October

2011 –‘Museum as film, make your own film trailer’. 2-day Workshop on Filmmaking and Editing - with Simon Woolham at V&A Museum (CreateLive, Sackler Centre) for adults, South Kensington, 1-2 September

2011 - Creative editing at Space Studios, London, Hackney - June/July


2011 –‘Museum as film, make your own film trailer’. 1-day Workshop with Simon Woolham at V&A Museum (CreateLive, Sackler Centre) for 13-19 years-old, South Kensington, 2nd February


2010 – ‘Introduction to video and production of a music video’ Module of the course ‘Introduction to music industry’ a hands-on music, business and video course for young people (13-19 years-old). Students produced their music tracks and made their music video, including filming, acting and editing. Employer: Ignite TV. At Leyton Youth Centre, London


2009 – ‘Micro-cinema’ – a one-day creative workshop on low-budget film making methods; I shared examples of my work, they responded with filming/sound&projections exercises.

At Caminhos do Cinema Português Film Festival, Coimbra, Portugal


2007-08 – ‘Film for children’, a hands-on 10 week workshop where children (7-12 years-old) made complete 4 min films (from idea, script, storyboard, locations, acting, shooting and editing). Employer: Cineclub, young filmmakers network. 2 classes at Jack Hunt Language School, Peterborough, UK


U.S.A and Portugal

2006 – “Shoot and Edit on camera – 16mm” - film exercise with Temple University students, USA

2005 - Workshop “The inseparable triangle: director - actor - character“ - C.E.M, Lisbon

2005 - “Directing actors”, part of the annual Course on Film Directing, Restart, Lisbon

2005 - Masterclass “Long-Shots” presenting the film “Russian Ark” by Sokurov, Videoteca de Lisboa

2005 - Workshop “Documentary”, C.E.M, Lisbon

2004 - Workshop “Digital Cinema, transversal cinema - the cinema of the body ”, C.E.M, Lisbon

1997 - Workshop ‘Documentary and Politics’, for young people from Timor, Jornadas de Timor, Psicology University, Lisbon




MOBILE NARRATIVES - text, photography and design - self-publishing on demand at based on the Blog

2007 – Changes – instalation - Casa dos Dias da Agua, Lisboa, (April 2007)

2007 – Trajectos | Passages – on the street + on the web – commission for Festival Pedras D’Agua, Lisbon

2006 – web design –

2006 – creative blogs:  and




2007 - HERE AND NOW feature film

2007 – REINO DO OCIDENTE documentary with Pedro Urano

2005 - 07 - MOBILE feature film


2004 - O PESO DA TERRA feature film

2001 - NÓS feature film with João Pereira

2001 - PROCURA-SE PERSONAGEM experimental

2000 - AS RUÍNAS DO PARAÍSO documentary

1999 / 2000 - O BANAL EM FEED-BACK experimental

1998-2000 – NOITES feature

1999 - NORTE documentary

1998-99 - NOTAS PARA UM FILME NO NORDESTE documentary devellopment

1997 - RIO DO OURO a feature film by Paulo Rocha

1997 – DESVIO medium lenght

1996 - RUA DOS POÇOS DOS NEGROS experimental with Paulo Rocha

1996 - CIDADE-MUTANTIS short animation with Margarida Carvalho

1995-96 - GESTOS feature

1995 - MAR VERMELHO feature

1995 - OLHOS CLAROS medium lenght




2008-09 – Writes for INDICE Magazine

‘Hybrid Performances’

‘Do it yourself or Do It With Others but DO IT’


2004-07 – CINEMA ATELIER - Cláudia writes a monthly article for PREMIERE Magazine Portuguese edition as a filmmaker / teacher

‘Inter-disciplinarity: the future of cinema’ March 2007

‘Nano Era’ February 2007

‘Inter-act 4 – designing interactivity’ January 2007

‘Inter-act on the net’ December 2006

'Inter-Act II - soft cinema' November 2006

'Inter-Act' October 2006

'Finished' 'Acabaste' September 2006

'The declaration of independent filmmaking' August 2006

'Vision', 'Visão', July 2006

'Neighborhood narratives' June 2006

'The digital artist - the daily art', 'Artista Digital - A Arte do quotidiano', April 2006

'Mobile-work-in-progress' March 2006

'To Re-write a script', 'Reescrever um argumento' February 2006

'The spirit of Philadelphia', O espírito de Filadélfia', January 2006

'The solitude of video or changing things as they are', A solidão do vídeo ou mudar o estado das coisas, December 2005

'Caracters' - 'Personagens', November 2005

“The film producer” - “O produtor de cinema”, October 2005

“The technical crew“ - “A equipa técnica”, September 2005

“Script&Pitch”, August 2005

“Documentary“ - “Documentário”, July 2005

“Editing“ - “Montagem”, June 2005

“Writing for film“ - “Escrever para cinema”, May 2005

“Special effects, digital effects“ - “Efeitos Especiais, Efeitos digitais”, April 2005

“Finding a place or building a set“ - “Descobrir um lugar ou construir um décor”, March 2005

“The long-shot“ - “O plano-sequência”, February 2005

“From image grammar to the cinema of Time“ - “Da gramática da imagem ao cinema do tempo” January 2005

“The unlimited universe of sounds“ - “O Universo ilimitado dos Sons”, December 2004

“Catching the light“ - “Apanhar a luz”, November 2004

“The way of Actors in Cinema“ - “O caminho dos actores no Cinema” October 2004

“The man of the filming camera“ - “O Homem da câmara de filmar” September 2004

“The birth of Images“ - “O Nascimento das Imagens” August 2004


Articles about Film Festivals:


'Philadelphia Film Festival', May 2006

“Midnight Sun Film Festival“, Sodankyla, Finland, August 2005

“A bridge to Brazil“ - “Uma ponte para o Brasil”, 8º Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira, Jan. 2005

“DocLisboa, o que pode o documentário”, Doc Lisboa, Dec. 2004

“Uma festa de Cinema - a sede do público pelos filmes independentes”, IndieLisboa, Nov. 2004

“Indie 2005 - um projecto de sucesso”, IndieLisboa, June 2005

“Viagem ao Oriente”, Internacional Film Festival of Jeonju, South Korea, June 2004

Others: “25th of April - the revolution” invited by Jornal de Letras (collaboration with João Pereira)



2007 – Invited as an artist for commission at Festival Pedras d’Agua, C.E.M – project: Trajectos | Passages (site specific on the streets and online)

2007 – Vídeo of the experimental theater play ‘Teatro Nacional – Armazém do Ferro’ by Lúcia Sigalho

2007 – Moderateur of 5 pannels of the seminar on film, INDIE Lisboa

2007 – Guest on round table at INDIE Lisboa about ‘New digital platforms’

2007 – Invited to present the installation CHANGES at Casa dos Dias da Agua

2007 – Invited as filmmaker for the venue “Filmes no Lençol’ – presents a mix of films from ‘Ballad of technological dependency’ and ‘Subliminal’. Casa dos Dias da Água.

2004 - Jury Member of Features and Short films in Festival Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira

2004 - Invited as a photographer by Initiative FUTE. LOMO. Exhibition in Oporto “Artes em Partes”. Her work was selected for the article on “Pública” magazine

2003 - Debate “Multiples Perceptions”, about “Image”. Invited by José Bartolo - Casa dos Dias da Água

1999 - Shotting the rehearsals of “Lírio“, Cornucópia Theater by Christine Laurent

1996 - "Conferences about Portuguese cinema", Ministério da Cultura, in Centro cultural de Belém. Invited by João Mário Grilo. Claudia’s conference “The ghosts of Liberty” represents a new generation of young filmmakers, searching for independent ways of making movies.

1995-98 - Collaboration with Paulo Rocha in the Calouste Gulbenkian Project - “Paulo Rocha Lab“




ALLERGIC, performer, music video by Claudia Tomaz, 2010

MARIA, main character, short film by John Gross, 2005

NOITES, main character, feature film by Cláudia Tomaz, 2000

DESVIO, as her-self, film by Cláudia Tomaz, 1997




English, Portuguese, French, Spanish




Experience with professional cameras, sound and editing since 1995.


Final cut pro 7





Final draft







film director/ interview intro

“Claudia Tomaz is a London-based filmmaker whose work surpasses genre limits and shows the viewer that stories can be told in many alternative ways. Often times, she will improvise during shoots, work with poetry and images, and collaborate with non-actors for her projects. The result is a journey full of surprises, both for the filmmaker herself and for the viewer.”

Interview by Eren Gulfidan, at Film Annex 


filmmaker and editor

“I have closely observed Claudia Tomaz develop her skills as a filmmaker and editor. Claudia is a highly skilled innovative professional who is fully capable of editing other filmmakers work or making her own powerful and talented films. She is equally at home making feature films, working on music videos or projects aimed at the net and cross platform exhibition. Highly recommended!”

Sandy Lieberson, Chairman Film London


editor/ feature documentary

“Claudia is a highly skilled and extremely creative editor. She has a unique understanding of using sound and is a great visual storyteller. She is intuitive, knows how to create emotion through editing and is a very gifted visual/experimental artist. I would recommend working with her without any hesitation.”

Daniela Kon - Director/Producer | DEEDA PRODUCTIONS

camera, editor/ short info videos for internet

“Claudia has been an exceptional help to making and editing 11 video fly-throughs for the internet of exemplar houses that have been retrofitted to save carbon. The skills involved are: filming, editing, getting the most out of poor (natural) light and nervous and unschooled people who are appearing on film for the first time. Editing is a real skill in this area, which she has done excellently. She is also very easy to get on with! I commend Claudia to you.”

John Doggart - Chairman SEA - Sustainable Energy Academy


filmmaker, editor/ music videos

“I have known Claudia for a couple of years and she recently made 2 music videos for our record labels Botchit&Scarper and Studio Rockers.
Her work is experimental, she makes the most of low-tech equipment, keeping it original and low-budget. Claudia proved to be very professional and had a positive attitude throughout, no idea or problem was too much for her and I am happy to recommend her to you.
Claudia is very conscientious, reliable and honest and was a pleasure to work with, I will definitely work with her again.”

Martin Love – Botchit&Scarper/ Studio Rockers /Emotif /Movement/Times Two


collaborator with other artists

“Claudia Tomaz, filmmaker-artist-writer-performer-activist who also spins under the name Cloud 9, has made a film about Kaidie. (…) The ‘Do It With Others’ (DIWO) ethos of this work also underlies Claudia’s LONDON GROUND series, of which the film on Kaidie is a part of. London Ground is a collection of films ‘made in collaboration with selected artists of different practices (music, film, art, activism) in London underGROUND 2010. Claudia’s methodology of (self-) distribution and exhibition also fully exploits the  Web 2.0 infrastructure. This is an exciting and new platform of ‘microfilmmaking’, in which filmmakers share their work online, in a sustainable system that bypasses middle bodies, and allows the artists to communicate directly with her audience.”

Kai Syng Tan/ Kaidie, multi-media artist



“Claudia has an easy way to teach technical aspects of filming through practical exercises. She stresses the importance of all these aspects, yet in a very approachable way impelling the student to experiment. This helped me to have a new and more conscious approach to my work and have a more assertive point of view as a spectator. Also, Claudia's very gentle but strong personality, helped us to approach quite a tough subject with a lot of confidence.”

Céline Carlisle, student (artist)




 “The city. The solitude. The desire. The thing is not new, but Cláudia Tomaz, with these three elements and an implosive energy, shot an urban story, the kind that can only sprout of the deepest value of a film director soul. Cláudia Tomaz is an artist. If in her previous film NIGHTS she opened tracks, now she supplanted herself and offered us a total, frontal film. (...)”

Rui Pedro Tendinha, in the News Magazine Nov 23rd 2003


“US” is one of the best Portuguese films of the last years.»

Jose Vieira Mendes, in Première, Dec. 2003


“Cláudia Tomaz possess, over all, sculptor eye: the bodies of the loving ones are sculptured, sharp and the faces only leave to see indistinctly the drawing of lean contour. (…)”

Philippe Azoury, in Libération, France, Aug 16th 2003


“Full of upright, Cláudia Tomaz works in US, its second feature after NIGHTS, the distance figure. (…) distance between the claustrophobic quotidian of our laborious lives and the Dionysian world of our pulses. But the most fascinating of these distances are those that the director negotiates skillfully since the moment where we obtain to anticipate the sequence that will come of this ballad of the sexual dependency.”

Bertrand Loutte, in Les Inrockuptibles, Aug 27th 2003


“US” it is a good film. Why? In first place, is a story well told cinematographically (...) with credible, loaded characters of a lack of uneasiness in relation to life and themselves harnessed by the quality of the main actors. (...) Stays the certainty that one saw a good moment of cinema. Although the squeeze in the stomach by the crudity of the images.»

Leonardo Ralha, in the Independent one, 28 Nov. 2003


«With opening last Friday, after wining the Week’s Critic Award of Venice of this year, Nights comes to confirm (and to project) the cinematic personality of Cláudia Tomaz, defining her, for now, as the only Portuguese director of its generation for whom cinema appears less as a question of “stories” but more as a problem of perceptions. (...) An admirable first-film (...)»

João Mário Grilo, in Vision, Set 28th 2000


“Her cinema is made in this manner to see acute and, however, soft, that it captures the life, in a nobody's land, between real and fiction”

Maria Leonor Nunes, in JL, Set 20th 2000


“A fearless film. Profoundly disturbing. It doesn't look like with anything ever made in portuguese cinema. A singular film, an experience of intimate exposition, marked by love. Cinema, yes, definitely.”

Vasco Câmara, in Público


“Who films with the intensity of Nights just deserves much sun.”

Jorge Leitão Ramos, in Expresso, Set 23rd 2000